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Against the Sun

Drama recount true-life harrowing tale of being lost at sea in a raft

Brian Falk's drama recounts the true tale of three Navy fliers who, after crashing their plane during World War II, drifted in the South Pacific for more than a month. They had no food, water or supplies, and were confined to a 4-by-8-foot life raft. Falk faces some challenges wringing a narrative out of floating; the men are companionable and stay fairly upbeat, and the obstacles they face are familiar: sun, storms, sharks. But the film does offer some engaging scenes and the three actors — Garrett Dillahunt, Tom Felton and Jake Abel — are sturdy. Also worth noting is the unheralded real-life co-star: the Goodyear rubber raft that also survived. They really built those things well!

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