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Plucked from the ever-growing noise scenes blasting their way out of Osaka and Kyoto, this female duo of regressive ADD-rockers mixes nonsense, jittery mid-song freak-outs and combustible feedback-splattered guitar filth into a force that would most surely mop the floor with the White Stripes, the Black Keys or damn near any one of the growing legions of drum 'n' guitar thwompers. "I Did Are," the 13-minute-plus opener from this John Zorn-released firestorm, manages to deconstruct rock in a way not heard since vintage Boredoms or Royal Trux's Twin Infinitives. Before the piece ends, the girls have climbed all over each other musically, screamed and fallen into prog-melody, only to ride on molten riffs before interrupting themselves all over again. In fact, these two unassuming young women make more noise than a group of agitated baboons and exude as much confidence as Little Richard did in his prime. Yet elsewhere, on the track "Want You," for example, they calm down enough to repeat the title over and over again while whipping up a neo-doo-wop musical backdrop before dissolving in jitters. As with last year's A, released by the Acid Mothers Temple's label, Kore Ga Mayaku Da houses some fine extended chug that in other hands might pass for generic metal. However, Afrirampo's ability to fall apart, cut themselves off with nonsense syllables and seemingly make up their tunes as they go, all the while reading each other like cue cards, keep this interesting.

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