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About Time

Lessons about family relationships via time travel in this not-quite-a-rom-com


Richard Curtis' new film is pitched as a rom-com, but that's a bit of misdirection: It's about all domestic relationships, and in particular, a rather sweet father-son one. Oh, and time travel. On his 21st birthday, the somewhat dweeby Tim (Domnhall Gleeson) is informed by his raffish dad (Bill Nighy) that the men of the family can go back in time. Tim, naturally, uses this technique to help win over a dream girl (Rachel McAdams), but also discovers the bittersweet limitations of messing around with time. (Spoiler alert: Enjoy yourself now.) Curtis (Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral) makes Hallmark films for people who wouldn't necessarily indulge in those syrupy, heartwarming, oh-so-affirming-of-the-obvious movies. So, if this sort of stuff, dressed up with Curtis' typical flair (Brit wit, pop songs and rain), is your bag, have at it.

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