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A phrase by phrase breakdown of City Paper fan mail

Nothing warms the heart of a journalist more than the appreciation of our readers. It's hard to find a bigger honor than someone taking time out of their busy schedule to express their thanks for the hard work we do.  That's why we'd like thank this anonymous reader by sharing some of the kind words of their beautifully handcrafted missive.

Dear Reader: We completely agree. Facebook's emphasis on video and the subsequent pivot of many news organizations made us all look like skunkskuads!

Man-o-farts or 'man of arts'? We'd probably cover whichever would get the most clicks. If you have any tips on the man-o-farts, let us know.

While we appreciate the struggle of the working class struggles of Gripes of Rats, we think the socioeconomic themes of The Winter of Our Discontent are more apt in today's political climate. 

We feel your farts, too, kind reader! Thanks again for all the kind words and keep reading! 

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