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I gaze at the screen, looking
searching, waiting for something
2 arrive, 2 engage, 2 stimulate me

an email arrives — click clack —
fingers moving quickly on keys
no, that’s not it, i send a reply 

or not   search the web — click clack —
ads, news, more info pop-ups
pop up with answers 2 all

my problems — click clack —
news, weather, this, that come
into my head while i sit

not contemplating my inner world
not seeking the outer world
mesmerized by a new world

a screen.

— Barbara Wolvowitz

Barbara Wolvovitz is a retired civil-rights attorney and recipient of the Women’s Bar Association’s Susan B. Anthony Award. She began participating in Madwomen in the Attic poetry workshops at Carlow University in 2013, and has been writing ever since. Her poems have been published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Voices from the Attic Vols. XX and XXI and Rune Literary Journal 2014, and have received Honorable Mention in Seton Hill Eye Contact (Fall 2014 edition). She lives in Squirrel Hill.

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