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A Million Ways to Die in the West

A not-very-clever spoof of life in the Old West


If you have an unlimited capacity for played-out jokes about poop and sex acts (there's a BJ gag in the first scene), witless send-ups of stereotypes and Western-film tropes, and Seth MacFarlane's "acting," then you may enjoy this overly long trip to Old Stump, Old West. Everybody else may simply be thinking of a million other things they'd rather be doing.

MacFarlane, who also directs, stars as a sheep rancher who hates living on the frontier, and winds up in a duel, after being coached by the town's newest resident (Charlize Theron). There's a germ of a good idea in debunking the romanticism of the Old West, but pairing toilet humor with gorgeous B-roll of Monument Valley isn't very illuminating. MacFarlane's smug delivery fails to engage, even as he's trying to sell a heartwarming love story (really!) while having a sheep piss on his face.

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