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A lot of Pennsylvanians asked Google if they should break up with their boyfriends

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Pennsylvania boyfriends need to do better. A lot better. Guys, we have some explaining to do.

According to AT&T, a whole lot of Pennsylvanians are considering breaking up with us. The telecommunication giant analyzed Google data for “Should I ..." questions of every U.S. state. Pennsylvania's most entered question was, “Should I break up with my boyfriend?”

Pennsylvania was the only state where this question was the top result.

Even if many people decide to stay with their boyfriends after searching, the idea that there's that much uncertainty is damning for boyfriends.

The most common question nationally was “Should I move?” and it was shared as the top question by 11 states. Another common question was “Should I drink?” which was shared as the top question by seven states. Pennsylvanians consume just above the national average of booze annually, and the state has a high number of bars per capita. Surely, we ask ourselves to drink.

Pennsylvania also has one of the highest rates of domestic out-migration, aka people moving out of the state but staying in the U.S. Surely, we ask ourselves if we should move.

But these questions were still outnumbered by, “Should I breakup with my boyfriend?” According to Wallet Hub, Pennsylvania is one of the best states for singles, so clearly a good amount of people are following through and breaking up with their boyfriends.

How can we get more Pennsylvanians to want to stay with their boyfriends? Maybe Pennsylvania women would feel more happy in their relationships if they made more money compared to their boyfriends. The American Association of University Women ranks Pennsylvania 21st with a gender pay ratio of 81%. The AAUW also rates the commonwealth’s equal pay laws as weak.

Maybe LGBTQ Pennsylvanians would stay with their boyfriends if they could do so without fear of being fired or evicted. Pennsylvania lacks LGBTQ non-discrimination protections in the majority of its municipalities, so people could be breaking up with their boyfriends to avoid losing their jobs or homes.

Take California. Not a lot Californians were inquiring Google about breaking up with their boyfriends; Californians were more concerned about whether they should shave their heads. The state laws there are very good concerning equal pay, and the Golden State has the lowest gender pay gap in the country. California is also extremely accepting of LGBTQ residents.

Or maybe Pennsylvania men are just shitty boyfriends. 

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