A LETTER TO TRUE | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Inspired by other dog-besotted artists and the national unease after Sept. 11, photographer Bruce Weber sets out to commit some random thoughts and images to digital video, presented in the rather awkward structure as a letter to one of his dogs, True. It's a largely unfocused vanity effort, a combination of home-movie-style footage of Weber's pets, stock footage, clips from a Lassie film, poems read by famous friends; it's all a muddle of anti-war, dog-positive, celebrity name-dropping that bobbles from snapshotting a Vietnam War photo correspondent to pondering the inherent goodness of Elizabeth Taylor to filming some country goobers goofing off on the farm. Yet, swimming with topless models; lounging at Montauk; treats, trainers and doggie massages; and now a cinematic forum for your slow-motion antics -- it must be very good to be Bruce Weber's dog. Harris

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