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A Lego Brickumentary

Everything you knew and didn’t know about the iconic toy bricks

Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge’s new documentary takes viewers deep into the world of the iconic small plastic bricks, from the toy’s somewhat fiery origins in Denmark to its big-screen incarnation in last year’s The Lego Movie. Some of the material will be familiar to even the casual assembler, but the film finds interesting angles amidst seemingly Mega-Marketing Movie-Tie-In World of Lego. Crazy creativity still abounds among hobbyists, and even Lego sponsors contests for players to come up with new designs. Among street artists, there is such a thing as Lego-bombing. And one Lego enthusiast makes a decent argument that Lego is a universal human language, in which everyone everywhere can, without any instruction, fit two or more blocks together and build something.

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