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A brief guide to Pittsburgh music labels and creative communities

Lovely Recordings certainly influenced and energized areas of the Pittsburgh music scene in the mid-2000s, but it was hardly the only collective of like-minded musicians operating as a label. While such labels seldom last more than a few years, some remain memorable -- Enamel; Cenotaph; Hope Records -- while others are just so many broken links. A very few, like Rickety Records, cast a weird shadow long after their most active periods.

Here are just a few active local labels that are creating communities unto themselves:


Atomic Family
This prolific label serves up plenty of punk (both electric and acoustic) from the likes of The Smut Project and Northern Aggression. 


My Idea of Fun
The Johnstown, Pa., art collective isn't strictly a record label, but they've amassed an enormous catalog of releases by Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, Emmett and Mary, and many more.


Sort-Of Records
Focusing on limited-run releases and handmade packaging, Sort-Of encompasses progressive acoustic music and avant-garde composers, Pittsburgh-based musicians and friends from other locales.


Modern Short Stories
Founded by Pittsburgh's long-running pop punk band Punchline, the label now releases CDs from new, likeminded local rock acts Spontaneo and The Composure.


A-F Records
Founded by punk standard-bearers Anti-Flag, the label has been home to many of Pittsburgh's most vital underground rock groups, including The Code, Tabula Rasa, Incommunicado and The Modey Lemon.

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