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    Sime Validzic on 03/13/2018 at 9:34 AM
    Native animal advocates do direct their comments at both amateur and professional kangaroo shooters and at other measures that harm and kill kangaroos (such as snares, survival training and exclusion fencing). There are at least some people from within the Aboriginal Australian community, including Elders, who oppose the killing of kangaroos. Kangaroos are not pests but native animals and should have every right to live in their native homeland, just as they have done so for millions of years. It is the huge populations of sheep and cattle that are destroying the environment in Australia (and other countries). What kind of 'animal lover' would support the killing of a majestic animal living in harmony with the natural ecosystem in order to feed a caricature of an animal that cannot live a natural life (such as a 'pet' dog)? It is not true that those who oppose the killing of kangaroos do not oppose other kinds of meat from the supermarket since many are vegan. Before anybody answers that vegans kill plants or that soybean farms are destroying forests in South America, I wish to state that: (1) I choose foods that do not have to involve the killing of plants because they are derived from fruits, seeds and minerals and (2) I avoid anything that comes from North and South America, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Congo (due to the continuing ongoing destruction of natural ecosystems in these lands and/or the fact that they are the result of genocide against indigenous peoples). For the same reasons, after living in Australia from 1970 to 1992, I returned to my country of origin, Croatia, and encourage others to do the same. I never saw a kangaroo in the wild even though I travelled a lot and did farm work such as picking potatoes and peas. Humans should stop destroying what is left of natural habitats. That could be achieved if governments stop offering financial incentives to increase the human population (such as one-off baby payments and family allowances; especially to those with more than 2 children) and if they stop encouraging people to immigrate into Australia (and North America).