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    Gwen Giffen on 01/29/2018 at 11:13 AM
    Last year, there was a contraversy in Pittsburgh over intersectionality. I chose not to go because of it. The organizers ignored, and even suppressed input from African Americans. The "I don't know why they had it on Saturday instead of Sunday," is a blow in the face to many, many people. Pittsburgh has a long tradition of celebrating Martin Luther King on this weekend. The black vote changed the elections in the south, and I think you had better show the black vote more consideration if you want to win any election. I was glad to be there this year. I am also Green, and the Green party has a ticket in the primaries in Ohio. I became Green by asking for one. Democrats are selling out on the majority (Bernie Sanders), on DREAMERS and on African Americans. I know you can't research every podcast thoroughly, but blowing the reasoning off for the Pittsburgh Sister March being on Sunday for "some other event," was a big mistake.