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    Pandemic Pgh on 01/01/2015 at 9:18 PM
    Lets put the best on one stage! Sounds like a City Paper sponsored event.

    Also as for bringing back the funk and alternative spaces.

    in 2014 I used a city parks pavilion for Pittonkatonk, an abandoned lot (Bayardstown Social Club), and a plant nursery (Shadyside Nursery) for events.

    I try to create events that cross musical genres and build a diverse night of entertainment at the Weather Permitting Series. The problem is we have sound restrictions that limit the types of music we can have. As Pandemic (voted best dance party by 2014 CP) I produce dance parties that often times include live bands that are acoustic (i.e. Raya Brass Band, Timbeleza, May Day Marching Band, Lungs Face Feet, Pitchblack, Detroit Party Marching Band, etc). I'd love to see more of this happening around the city. On Feb 21 I'm working on a show at Brillobox featuring The Pressure, Beauty Slap, and Grand Piano. That's 3 bands with horns that are from totally different genres.