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I'm LeLe a promoter at Statement Records., as well as a dedicated supporter of Pittsburgh's local hip hop and rap industry. I know that spreading the word of hip hop labels, studios, artists, and shows will help the scene progress in a way that willl start a movement to unify, diversify, and bring this music back to its roots. The industry's movement has already begun from within, and now it is up to us in the industry to send it out to the airwaves to all. Every music era brought forth social reform, and the world needs reformation by the way of music in a dire way. I'm of course not just refering to hip hop but all other genres of music. Put out life experiences, emotions of every color, positive messages, and anything that grasps the soul is why music is here. Simply put, it heals. Many may say "no", but hip hop and rap has a way to reach into the depths of your being and make you feel alive. The emotional and physical effects are powerful. In other words, sometimes you gotta turn up! Love and Peace, LeLe I suppose this was more of a mission statement than a bio.

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