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    thhout on 09/01/2019 at 11:45 AM
    When I first saw the headline for this article, I was excited to see an article finally investigated and written about how people reach recovery in different ways. Different paths to recovery you might say. The three people spotlighted in this article have reached recovery and should be very proud of their accomplishments. Also, they come from different walks of life. However, HOW they reached recovery was the same, a 12 step based rehab program. Rachel Schuster, the nurse in your article, was able to access individual therapy because she was employed. That was the only variety in the HOW of their recovery that I could see.

    I would love to see something written about recovery that in reached and maintained using something other than a 12 step program. This has been done and continues to happen all over this country and ,dare I say the world, everyday. I've managed this myself. However, this sucess might be as rare as the proverbial unicorn for as often as it is reported.

    Twelve step programs are not the only way. Investigate this topic. Addicts stay in active addiction everyday because they are led to believe 12 steps are the only way and if they aren't able to achieve success that way, they might as well not try. (See AA'S popular company line regarding denial..