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    Karl Sparn on 08/17/2019 at 11:37 AM
    Pittsburgh continues to decline in its regional and ethnic values. Once a multifaceted and happily contented maze of neighborhoods, friends, families, and old-world values 'The Burgh' is becoming brutal. I lived in Bloomfield/Garfield my entire life [to a point] taught at Peabody High School and at other buildings as well. The family settled and remained at the same address from 1900-2001. I grew-up in Bloomfield/Garfield, my parents grew-up in Bloomfield/Garfield/Lawrenceville, as did their parents ...and so on. Inclusion is good, but homogenization can sour-the-milk. Too many things have happened; too many influences have infiltrated; and too many progressives have tinkered. The current mayor is a hindrance, helpless, hopeless, and haphazard. His lackeys are blind followers of his doctrines and deficiencies. Pittsburgh needs a major transfusion to correct this fatal flaw.