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    Gingerpye on 01/05/2013 at 1:48 AM
    Re: “Promised Land
    Finished watching a well-thoughtful plot, "jumbled," activism movie, Promised Land," today, 4th, Friday. I very much liked the movies' message on "fracking," the possible affects on environmental contamination of well- water/land pollution consequences! Promised Land vs Marcella Shell "reveal," illustrates a environmental issue/solution facing a war-torn nation trying to resolve an internal energy crisis in "real time, the year 2012," ;majority of Pennsylvania citizens live in economic hardship, hunger, poverty, and yes, unemployment,too. The movie reflects on the issues related to Marcella shell liquid chemicals being crudely used to extract natural gas, among the wasted clean water, pollution and contamination by carcinogens (radioactive particles) that can not be ever cured out of biodiversity in our lifetime..anyway.... state of Pennsylvania, Time upon a once a watched a Likeable change in the play " New York Minute," the director tweaked this play... got the message out on a disease in 1992; the death-causing diesease promoted the director to help in AIDS Awareness; Directors have an edge for updating the public; Pennsylvania Promised Second, for fortune is an imbalanced way of benefiting from this type of mining when you can incur water pollution that affects your health and your neighbors' health,too. So anyone benefiting from a scheme to hurt the fresh water... will pay heavy, that everyone has more monies from the profiteers, the fines for causing water pollution will put many people into court, and fined accordingly...lethal water pollution is serious..and it takes money to fix a leaky faucet as well as irretrievable land and water damage. thanks Gus for making the movie relevant to an important issue on helping to save clean water and protecting a fragile Eco-system that we all live in... ..