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Re: “EDMC says it's focusing on students most likely to succeed

Good One! I even believed it at first. The sad news is that they are probably looking for an overseas investor. It would by one that could offer extradition protection to Nelson and McKernan.

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Posted by Joe Smith on 09/22/2012 at 8:12 PM

Re: “EDMC says it's focusing on students most likely to succeed


Here is what is sound like to me. I listened on and off to their bullshit. These ass wipes think that they have a mess of students that they can entice to take their courses if the school pays them, e.g. provides scholarships and private loans. The investor, or scholarship funding source, has the absolute honor of then benefiting from EDMCs' alleged growth. Ok, its a legal Ponzi scheme.

These ass wipes have yet to get the message that their system is rigged. Not one of them has any experience in education, other than hustling stocks. All one needs to do is enter the class, make a half-assed attempt to answer the question, open book, and follow the rubric. Sort of a human version of a Guide Dog training. The catch is that EDMC will need the funding to create new brands, separate and disguised as not being related to the worthless brands Argosy, AI, Worthless Brown, South, and this freaking law school where graduates can only practice in CA. Not cheap, and it is not likely to stand up to the regulatory scrutiny that EDMC has invited with its' abusive practices. But JC, nobody will touch their graduates: Ask the EDMCers nobody will touch them either, unless you want to take your masters in business from a bogus school and slug boxes down at the local UPS.

Get real, one does not give up a forty million dollar salary (unless it is to the fraternal candidate who promises the most corrupt business environment). Nothing changes, just that they will have the feds off of their backs, which is of course an admission that they violated every covenant they ever entered into and have no intention of paying the settlements for the now sixty five lawsuits out there.

My bet is that within six months the jobs start transferring overseas. This company has way too much real estate and that real estate is at risk every time one of these shareholders, students, or whistle blowers decides that they have had enough and hires an attorney. That real estate is in trust to Goldman and Providence--nice name eh? Kinda reminds you of Benny Hinn of Jimmy Swaggart. These courses are going to be hustled at every Mormon stake camp in the developing world. Face it con artists are not going to change their strips, unless they get new ones in the Federal Corrections System.

Investors my ass. These jobs are going overseas.


Lest we forget, this is an example of a doctoral assignment at Argosy University. I have found it goes well with something mellow, or a glass of Jack. It keeps the emesis down and the sense of humor up.

By the way, all five of the sources are to be cited in APA style, they are none as you can see and yet this student received an "A".

"Using theInternet, find at least five resources by Robert Quinn and Peter Vaill. Almostall of their leadership literature suggests that exemplary leaders musttransform themselves before they can effectively lead and motivate anorganization. Respond to this suggestion drawing upon at least 3-5peer-reviewed references. In a Word document, compare and contrast yourpersonal style with the following leadership practices discussed in Kouzes andPosner:Model the way. Enable others to act. Encourage the heart. How do yourleadership practices differ from the ones discussed in Kouzes and Posner?Discuss how you plan to decrease the differences. How will you incorporatethese practices into your personal leadership style? Develop personal changestrategies to incorporate these leadership practices into your personalleadership style.

Module 6 Discussion Question 1Model the way:

I really don’t have one leadership style I try to be veryflexible. In my leadership role I try to encourageeveryone. I don’t believe in the words I can’t because I know aperson can do the impossible if they put fourth an effort. Thereare times I would like to quit but I realize that you must talk the talk awalk the walk. You must be self motivated and be able to motivateothers in an organization. As a leader the main time you stop modelingthe way that’s when you realize how many people were modeling them selvesafter you. As a mother of six I must set the example. Myeldest daughter when I went to college and graduated she told me she wasgoing to do the same thing. Many times she wanted to give up but Iencouraged her that she could do anything she put her mind to. Enabling others toact: I was told that Icould be hard at times but I had to learn not to show favoritism. Toget a team to work together can be difficult but by giving everyone the sameinformation and keeping an open line of communication every thing will cometogether. Within the church I have people working in positions they hadnever worked in before many would complain that they are not prepared but bymotivating them they would do the job and it would always turn out betterthan what they expected. Believe it or not but they would come and tellme thank you for believing in them. Many times people can see what youcan achieve before you do. There were two ladies that wanted to do fundraisers around the same time. One came and was complaining that theother lady was trying to hinder her project. After explaining to her thatthey had to different project in two locations I told do what you can andallow her to do hers, and it was going to turn out better the sheexpected and it did. Getting to know their personality typeshelps a lot also. Within the church I try to encourage as many peopleas I can to stay in school and to take classes in the local college becauseyou don’t know what you can do until you do it. In essence what I am sayingis support you worker ideas and actions build their confidence level up intheir abilities and integrity them motivate them and pay attention to theirfeelings. Encourage the heart: First you must find theirstrengths and build on them. We all have weakness but don’t allow theweakness to weigh you down build on them. Reward your employees in words andgifts this builds trust and lets them know how much you appreciate them. Oncethey take on a project I don’t interfere with it if they ask my onion thenand only them do I give it. If something doesn’t work out I don’t beatthem up with it because I see it as a part of the learning process. There will be times thing want work in your, favor but learn from it.

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Posted by Joe Smith on 09/13/2012 at 8:42 PM

Re: “EDMC layoffs hit Art Institutes nationwide

Hey There Just Saying!

If you EDMC folks have never heard your executives lie, lie, lie up close and personal check it out--

"PITTSBURGH, Sept. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Education Management Corporation (NASDAQ: EDMC), a leading provider of post-secondary education, announced today that Todd S. Nelson, Chairman, Edward H. West, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Randall J. Killeen, Acting Chief Financial Officer, are scheduled to participate in the BMO Capital Markets 12th Annual Back to School Education Conference in New York, NY on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 11:15 a.m. Eastern Time.

Interested parties can access a live webcast of the presentation on the Investor Relations section of the Education Management website ( An archive of the webcast and a copy of the presentation will also be available on the Investor Relations section of the Company's website ("

Employees caught rolling and laughing in the isles will be, oh my!, laid off--your lucky day!!!!

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Posted by Joe Smith on 09/09/2012 at 6:31 PM

Re: “EDMC reports revenues, enrollment down on heels of more layoffs

If EDMC does not lie pathologically, why do they show that they have 158,000 students on all of their releases (you know Jacqueline Muller) when they only have 108,000????? If their enrollment is dropping why does Todd Nelson and his gaggle of ass wipes plan to hawk his failing stock on BMO Capital Markets webcast?? The answer is that they lie, because they do not know what else to do and they are there to sell stock, not to offer educations. You know like Bain Capital was there to build communities (choke).

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Posted by Joe Smith on 09/05/2012 at 8:52 PM

Re: “Layoffs at EDMC continue in Phoenix

The late Ann Richards said it best. "You can put lipstick on a pig, dress her up, call her Honey, and dance with her all night long, but in the morning, she is still a pig".

SO EDMC played the musical chairs game, big deal. They can't unscrew the tens of thousands of students they have screwed, and they can't unscrew the three hundred million Americans, whose tax dollars they have stolen.

Where McKernan goes has got to be a good story.

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Posted by Joe Smith on 07/27/2012 at 3:12 PM

Re: “Layoffs at EDMC continue in Phoenix

Open Letter to Todd Nelson

Apollo fired your sorry ass because all you could do is manipulate stock. You were given a golden opportunity in a ready made well funded company to build something of integrity and of monumental value. You can not manage. As it turns out you can not even hustle stock. You are a gutless manipulative weasel and have turned a promising Pittsburgh company that could have brought jobs, revenue, and pride to the Tri State area into a worthless, laughing stock of misdeeds and malfeasance.

You are a racist, class seeking, elitist, divisive punk who needs an ass wipe like McKernan to hold his hand. You exploit people of color, people who are disadvantaged, and people who dare to dream. You steal their time, the very thing that nobody can replace and you strangle their dreams. You are a bully who steals peoples' hopes, dreams, pride, self-respect, and futures instead of their lunch money. If you sit in a cell next to Maddoff forever it will be too short.

I once had a great sales trainer tell me that the most evil thing that a leader could do is to teach their sales force to lie and swindle. It makes them con artists and anybody can lie.The salamander that you are, you coerced young and desperate employees to twist and destroy their client. You used fear and intimidation to get them to act out your criminal bidding. EDMC was a prison experiment at its best. You did all of this while abusing the trust and sweat of taxpayers and have created a bubble that may cost this and other countries dearly.

This paper deserves exceptional notice for not bowing to your threats and bribes. They are an alternative paper. Like their readers they are maneuverable street fighters who are agile and long on memory. They enjoy watching a hypocrite self destruct. Look forward to the trip Nelson, but start getting used to the orange jumpsuit look.

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Posted by Joe Smith on 07/25/2012 at 9:58 PM

Re: “Pennsylvania universities are leading the high tuition rates

This is a very handy and concise portrait of Pennsylvania Education costs specifically, but also an article that reflects what is happening nationwide. However, higher educational costs may also serve more as symptoms of greater threats than only signs of poorly considered convenient budget trimming.

Like most states Pennsylvania is faced with a two front battle to educate students, the costs of which it must absorb. The first is the daunting task of educating students who are the product of an ineffective, often corrupt, and grossly broken K-12 educational system. The shooting match between parents who do not educate at home and raise children via the television versus the unmotivated and ineffective trained educator has conveniently persuaded each party that they bear no responsibility in this matter. The reality remains, however, that higher education institutions are left to provide remediation for mom, dad, and the public systems inadequacies.

Higher education has become an entitlement, an expectation, and viewed by many as a right and a rite of passage. Desires and realistic requirements of both students and employers are greatly separated from realities. Most common sales positions, for example require a four year degree. The justification is that this shows that the young person can complete something; however, it fails to consider that the student also spent a small fortune and occupied a seat meant for academic learning, and in reality just endured something. Similarly the graduate, who may have mastered not much more than social and pub hopping skills, also, expects a comfortable job, immediately.

Lost in all of this is the question of who is going to and how are they to prepare the bulk of our workforce for employment?
Clearly the solution is not in the either or, all or nothing, and one size fits all proposition of high education.

The sad thing is that while we have fiddled away generations of students in this absurd play, we have also created the perfect condition for predators to make off with funds, dreams, and students. Pittsburgh is home to EDMC one of the largest for profit educational companies in the world. The school is also the subject of numerous lawsuits, an enormous lawsuit enjoined by the US Department of Justice, the various practices of the company have lead the Student Veterans Association to withdraw support, and a number of Federal probes are now focused on not only the recruiting practices, but the very quality and characteristics of the courses delivered. This week it was revealed that the officers of the company are personally being scrutinized and investigated.

We can thank our own inattention to education for the rise of these predators. Rather than looking at highly successful education systems such as Singapore, Austria, Canada, and Israel for models, we have thrown ourselves full force into a meaningless debate about fault. Given the string ties that Mitt Romney has to EDMC the future choice may well be A) continue to lower state educational institution standards and increase the amount of remedial work the perform or, B) continue to make sub prime student loans available to unqualified students to attend meaningless schools that offer degrees and certificates that have no value in the workplace.

The fact is that Johnny, Mary, Tyronne, Shemika, Juan, and Rosaria may not really be college material. However they may have very bright futures if only the K-12 schools would educate students to master materials so that the student can make responsible and effective choices about their own futures. My sense is that if these young folks saw a future in manufacturing and trades they would embrace their studies and be dreaming of working in a vocational team environment.
But four more years of some unmotivated educator droning on about the wonders of Chaucer and how this is how one makes it on the "real world"....well it is hard to blame the youth for choosing either the easy route of expensive diploma mills or no education at all.

Posted by Joe Smith on 05/10/2012 at 3:21 PM

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