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    James Love 1 on 04/13/2019 at 9:51 AM
    Pennsylvania Railroads merged Pittsburgh Division shares Allegheny Valley & Conemaugh Divisions from Grant Street out to MP 5.5 Allegheny Valley County's Homewood Junction. These routes are using these lines or the remaining routes are in walking distance to them. This will also include the outlined transit systems that are wrongly being allowed to share Allegheny County roads from Grant Street out to their County lines.

    Pennsylvania Railroads:
    1st Pittsburgh Division ran from MP 0 to MP 45.0 Derry PA. On this line MP's 0 to 15.3 miles are within Allegheny County.
    From MP 16.9 to MP 45.0 sits well within Westmoreland County as its from here from Pittsburgh gives Passengers 16 stops that sit within Allegheny County as Stage 1 of PAT's East Bus Way sits within MP's 0 Grant Street at AMTRAK/Greyhound out to MP 6.5 at Hays Street Ramp. Stage 2 of East Bus Way has stops out to MP 8.9 Hawkins Village.
    2nd Stage 3 would give stops from MP 8.9 Hawkins Station out to MP 15.3 deep inside Pitcairn's Yard on its Eastbound Platform where long sidewalk, transformer still exists.

    This portion would give PAT 7 additional stops within Allegheny where Westmoreland County Transit Authority, Fayette Area Coordinated Transit Authority and Mid Monongahela Valley Transit Authority could loop with existing PAT's work to/from each others work as they could easily be looped back from serving Downtown Pittsburgh and best improve transit connections to PAT, FACT, MMVTA/Washington Rides Freedom Transit and Westmoreland County Transit riders. This would be a perfect connection point for all riders to do transfers with a Hub/ transfer point to get all areas and even outer classes of 3,4 & 5's connected with large Park N Ride.

    Currently Westmoreland County Transit Authority is giving the worst services out of S.P.C's transit systems that are being overseen with daily cancelled trips by their contractor having coaches that are breaking down and trips that are cancelled do to lack of refusal to pay Operators with decent pays, and refusal to hire drivers at all.

    These routes of WCTA are wrongly being allowed to overlap PAT's work.

    Once we are well within Allegheny on U.S. 30 in North Versailles/ White Oak we are now seeing the below routes badly overlapping PAT's work to Downtown Pittsburgh on these PAT and Local routes and Expresses as follows.

    These routes start overlapping PAT's Work at PA 48 Moss Side Blvd. on U.S. 30 Lincoln Highway up the hill from MP 15.3
    1F Greensburg-Pittsburgh
    3F Mount Pleasant
    4 Pittsburgh Greensburg Local. With 4 Saturday.

    This next route is overlapping PAT's work on its WCTA Latrobe trips.

    Once we are at the Murrysville/ Allegheny County lines we are on U.S. 22 where at PA 286 we have PAT's P12 Holiday Park being overlapped from Alpine Park N Ride to PA 48 Moss Side Blvd. where we now pick up PAT's 67/P67 Monroeville, P12 Holiday Park. If you know what truly is happening here on PA 48 Moss Side Blvd all around you must add in PAT's work as follows: 68/P68 Braddock Hills, P76 Lincoln Highways and others that stretch out to PA 380 with PAT's 77 Penn Hills, P16 Penn Hills to the westside. to the south side is PA 130 with PAT's 69/P69 Trafford as we crest the hill to cross U.S. 30 with the above routes of mixing them up with S&S Paratransit routes they are doing for Braddock based Heritage that's doing 3 routes for PAT's cut shuttle work.

    Green Route East Pittsburgh-Penn Center
    Blue Route McKeesport-Port Vue
    Red Route Monroeville- Monroeville UPMC East route.

    On the PA 148/48 side of U.S. between the never built planned South Pennsylvania Railroads many would be lines that work closely with Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad lines that had our S.P.C. Region and others below post that had our PA leaders insanely planning to destroy railroads and trolley lines.

    Stuart Strickland clearly refuses to opens eyes to use common sense as he states I'm always wrong and that Railroads have nothing to do with what we have today in 2019 as S.P.C. Sara states same thing as Sara wrongly stated to me on phone that Railroads have nothing to do with highways or bridges and transit. People this type of thinking must be corrected.

    William Vanderbuilt's proposed few lines of South Pennsylvania Railroads ghost lines can clearly be ridden today on PA Turnpike between Harrisburg's Reading Railroads/ Lebanon Valley Railroads Rutherford Yard on, along, north and south of SPRR's proposed mainline as we follow its mainline entering Somerset County as PTC is setting to tear out Quemahoning Tunnel that had the tunnel finished by the Pittsburgh Westmoreland & Somerset Railroad that crossed U.S. 30 in Ligonier to connect to Judge Mellon's Ligonier Valley Railroad that serviced Wilpen Beehive Coke Ovens and Idlewild Park to connect to Pennsylvania Railroads Pittsburgh Division at MP 40.1 where Westmoreland County Transit's routes 9 Greensburg Shopper, 9A Latrobe-Derry Line continues up PA 981 to meet WCTA's 11 Latrobe-Johnstown line to have 9 head to WCTA's Offices/Board Room at 41 Bell Way Transfer Center where it meets WCTA's 8/16/20F that meets FACT at Country Side Plaza at PA 981 @ PA 201 along U.S. 119 to poorly service these areas to meet in Greensburg along the Southwest Branch of PRR that connected to P&LE RR's line with W&LE RR & P&WV RR at GIant Foods Martins Store in Connellsville at the Great Allegheny Passage's Campground. This line follows up U.S. 119 to follow the Coal & Coke, Sheepskin, 5 Star Trails to a pulled right part of Wye just above Old U.S. 30's Shop N Save just east of Bell Way Offices and AMTRAK Station in Greensburg.

    On U.S. 30 at PA 48 and from Old Park Drive at the Murraysville line to Pittsburgh using both the East Bus Way and Old U.S. 30 through Wilkinsburg and Oakland has the PRR's Pittsburgh Division being overlapped by WCTA's 1F,2F,3F,4/4 Saturday as these routes are overlapping PAT's work as follows just mentioning route numbers.

    We must also add in WCTA's 14F New Kensington as it also overlaps PAT's work on P10 Allegheny Valley, 91 Butler Street, 75 Ellsworth again if you know what to look for as I do as they are along the Brilliant Division and the Allegheny Valley Division and the Conemaugh Division. Also add in the Western Pennsylvania Railroad.

    Overlapped routes by Westmoreland County Transit.

    PAT's work being overlapped by WCTA.
    1 Freeport/ P10 Allegheny Valley. 91 Butler Street, 75 Ellsworth,P78 Oakmont, P16 Penn Hills overlapped by WCTA route 14F New Kensington as these are mixed with Allegheny Valley and Conemaugh Division which are axed from being connected to ATATransit of Central PA., Indiana County Transit's IndiGo Bus, Butler Area Transit Authority, Armstrong Towne & Country that has PAT and WCTA refusing to work to connect these to their work even with limited services. As Town & Country is not permitted to service south of Ford City PA. On PA 356 from Sheetz in Butler to PA 128, PA 28, to PA 56 by using PA 356 refuses to allow Butler, Armstrong, PAT and WCTA to connect each others work.

    The following Stage 3 for East Bus Way would help push PAT's East Bus Way out to PA 48 along Wall Avenue/ Opposite PA 130.
    P1,P2,P3.P7,P12,P67,P68,P71,P68,P69,P76,P16,P78,P17. These expressed could help WCTA Routes 1F,2F,3F,4/4Sat., FACT and MMVTA could be looped back at Pitcairn Yard. This would allow them and PAT best use buses to be shuttles to help improve services with the above and create connections to IndiGo Bus and even help create services in Somerset County and other major issues that transit could also be used to run 7 days a week to access trails, jobs, growing areas and our National and State Parks with SKi Resorts create ridership with increasing revenue if the overlapping was cut by the transit systems that are overlapping PAT's work now. It would deeply decrease traffic back ups.

    Would be Stations for East Bus Way on Stage 3.

    Mile Post 9.5Woodstalk/Hawkins @ stop be established at MP 9.5 Copeland Station. 59,61A/61B.

    Mile Post 10.0 Braddock @ Bell & Jones. for 59,61A/61B

    MP 10.8 @ Boundry @ Jones above O'Connell Blvd. for possible connections between East Pittsburgh, Bradford, North Versailles and other options.

    This area was Trolley right of ways along Braddock Avenue between North Bessemer and North Braddock. The Station was in area what was Car Wash which on the North Braddock Page has been turned into a trash dump.

    In between here and Westinghouse and bottom of Main Street with Edgar Thompson Works on right with Westinghouse being on left side would require a bridge or cutting of hill on left side to create a crossing to a type of S bend to cross active NS RR tracks to reach two tracks to cross under MP 12.1 East Pittsburgh Station between the right of coming off the upper part of New Greensburg Pike Bridge onto 1st that is caving in or sliding as we would need to use 2nd to get down to where Station was. This section is leading out to another part of U.S. 30 that goes under Westinghouse Bridge. This Station would be for PAT's 55/59, 68/P68,69/69,P78, Heritage. This Station would be MP 12.1 East Pittsburgh.

    MP 12.6 is un able to be serviced by motorized driving vehicles along Thompson Run Creek as its part of Westinghouse's Interlocking system that today effects PAT's 59, 68/P68,69/P69 and Heritage routes.

    MP 13.8 would be for PAT's 69/P69.

    MP 15.3 would be for P1,P2.P3,P76, IndiGO/WCTA routes 1F,2F,3F,4/4 Saturday, P12 and other options that could help WCTA, FACT, MMVTA.
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    James Love 1 on 04/13/2019 at 3:34 AM
    Few years ago Westmoreland County Transit Authority did a study to use the Pennsylvania Railroads remaining existing 19.9 mile long Allegheny Valley line that passes 14 stops between Westmoreland County that would service Cities of Arnold and New Kensington with crossing PA 56 at Logan's Ferry along Coxcomb Hill to enter Allegheny County below Kerr to have the remaining Allegheny County stops back to Grant Street serviced using the PRR's 1908 Brilliant Shortcut used, which would share with PAT's area of East Bus Way with PRR"s Pittsburgh Division out to MP 5.5 Allegheny Counties Homewood Junction with the remaining Conemaugh Division.

    Using the Lost Pittsburgh Passenger Station list has the Allegheny Valley Division having stops as follows, as PAT by passed MP 3.1 Shadyside Station @ McPherson as Roup is where Negley Station is today.

    Allegheny Valley Division Stops:
    NS RR'S MP 353.0 at what PAT planned to tear out MP 0 at Grant Street.

    MP 0 AMTRAK/Greyhound- PA Canal Western Division Terminus in Downtown Pittsburg/Pittsburgh.

    MP 3.1 Shadyside @ McPherson.

    MP 3.6 Roup now Negley Station.

    MP 4.5 East Liberty

    MP 5.5 Allegheny County Homewood Station @ Wye for Pittsburgh Division as Homewood Junction over Hamilton shared the Brilliant Division that was built in 1908 with Conemaugh Division. this shortcut now has room for 4 tracks down to PA 130 Allegheny River Blvd. where Allegheny Valley Division pulls right over Allegheny River Blvd. as the trestle has room for 2 tracks but currently only has 1 track, with left pull at Aspinwall having single track going to 3 tracks as they are ended jus above the Canal Pull from northeast from going under Highland Park Bridge. As we come off the Brilliant Trestle has right pull cut off that leads down to opposite St. Margaret's Drive along Old Freeport Road PA 28.

    This lead onto the PA Canal's Western Division that was Western Pennsylvania Railroad that lead to right pull through Sharpsburg between crossing through J.F.K. Park to crossing Main & Canal back to connect to Western Pennsylvania Railroad at Bridge Street crossing Pine Creek on down to Federal Street MP 1.0 to connect to the Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway that housed the PRR's Eastern Division passing the PRR's Ohio River Connectiong Trestle to Beaver Counties Homewood Yard at MP 34.8 at Beaver Counties Buttermilk Fall where Eastern Division lead to MP 69.8 in Mercer County in Sharon PA.. This area deals with PAT's 14 Ohio Valley being overlapped by Beaver County's Routes 1 & 3 from Grant Street up to Allegheny County Line at MP 14.9 Leetsdale.

    BCTA 1 turns left off PA 18 onto PA 551 at MP 30.3 Beaver Falls, as from MP 30.3 to MP 47.5 Cherry Street is axed from being serviced by BCTA and New Castle Area Transit Authority systems.

    At MP 49.7 to MP 69.8 are axed between NCATA and SVSS that is Shenango Valley Shuttle Service system.

    As I got off track with good reason now has me crossing over Briliant Trestle over Allegheny as PAT's work on 1 Freeport ends at MP 21.9 in Tarentum as PAT ends at 4th & Lock Street.

    With P10 Allegheny Valley ending on Millerstown Road PA Exit 16 deadheading dead miles of one-way travel from East Liberty Garage close to 25 miles, as Millerstown Road is at Allegheny/Butler Line adding with how poorly the PAT ACT of 1964 was planned, has from Sheetz on PA 356 in Butler south to PA 56 fully axed.

    Under how PAT ACT was created has Armstrong Town & Country unable to without approval to connect from Ford City south to Tarentum.

    Westmoreland County Transit is so badly operated that with far to many wrongs they are doing, as all they are doing is wasting funds on study after study without trying new things despite what Dottie is telling people, this system is a total disgrace, as I see far to much with WCTA and NCATA that could be improved if they would only using funding properly which could have them do far more, but they seek to do waste funds daily. This is keeping areas so badly disconnected.

    If corrections were made and put into action I see so much that could be improved, yet the PPT/ ACTC thinking of not ending overlapping of outer systems work is keeping our areas so badly disconnected. I could put far more time into this with issues that would best improve our areas from the Ohio/West Virginia Line over the Susquehanna River, North Branch of Susquehanna and West Branch of Susquehanna River, Yet Ms. Weins and her PTT volunteers with Stuart's closed minded thinking is continuing the damaging process of keeping our 8 State area from being the best it could be. I'm willing to meet and help push Regional RR and LRV, but do to how the meetings are past 6:05 PM at night and on weekends with how PAT's refusing to properly push 1 Freeport into Harrison Twp., I can't make the meetings with how horrid transit it on P10 Allegheny Valley. I can't make the meetings. Adding that Ms. Weins and Stuart are closed minded to facts of what needs to be done, I can only do so much with poor services. The TDP plan also is a disaster as without Regional Railroad/ LRV being pushed out and working together, without both our whole region is doomed. James Love (412) 512- 2099. Also WCTA's study was to use the Pittsburgh Division from Derry MP 45.0 down to Grant Street.

    I have far to much insight that could improve our region, yet our leaders and Volunteers won't meet with me nor will they listen to common sense. I know where all those lines are and know what could best improve transit and LRV/ Regional Rail but no one seeks to be serious to meet talk and correct what needs to be corrected.
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    James Love 1 on 04/13/2019 at 2:41 AM
    When the Port Authority of Allegheny County was planned from 1953 to March, 1, 1964 as it was taken from being the River Port of Pittsburgh to what we know it to be as Class 2 Port Authority of Allegheny had many wrongs made. First Allegheny Conference, Southwestern Pennsylvania Planning Commission, City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County with Federal & State leaders insanely planned to tear out trolley lines and Railroads that has created a back door to overcrowding roads and parking lots on roads here in Allegheny County. PAT attacked past companies to where they sold out as I know one of these owners Sons. The above gave the Father a hellish way to go that shouldn't have happened. Today Stuart Strickland and Pittsburghers for Public Transit have once again made matters far worse with their foolish attacks on Bus Rapid Transit and attacking my thoughts to push Bus Ways out to our County lines, adding the fact that we need Passenger Railroad lines or LRV to use railroad gauged tracks on LRV to replace Bus Ways. Those who fought Pennsylvania Class 2 Port Authority of Allegheny County fought me 100% by they ignored using common sense to sit down with me during Business hours when PAT runs their P10 Allegheny Valley for me to be able to sit down with them to use wifi to use googlemaps to show them why we need to be pushing Regional Railroad/LRV lines using Railroad Gaged tracks instead of Rails to Trails along the existing railroads. In many areas when PAT and their investors planned to tear out the Railroads passenger lines, they planned to tear out what we so badly need to be using today. We must according to Stuart Strickland must wait for the old man that owns Allegheny Valley Railroad to die as these are Start's own words to me. People Stu is wrong on this one. We need to be use the man's wisdom not to allow tracks not to be removed, as they need to stay and they also needs be a way to rebuild what was so wrongly torn out since the attacks on the Sherman Anti Trust Law were passed, which lead to the attack of the Railroads and trolley lines over buses. We also must push to deal with the following transit systems to end overlapping of PAT's work from the Pennsylvania Railroads now Norfolk Southern Railroads Mile Post (MP) 0 at Grant Street out to Allegheny County Line. We also need our States leaders in both Senate and Legislative to force Public Utility Commission, Penn D.O.T., Cities, Counties down to local Offices to get involved to have PAT's Mr. Pete to sit down bus around and be shown how bad the disconnect is all of Southern Alleghenies, North western, North Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania Planning Commissions as Pete's refusing to use common sense by lying to these 4 regions as he states Regional railroad/ LRV is far to expensive. Yet Pete refuses to allow his buses to be pushed out to the county lines and a bit more to connect to other outlined transit systems. This would allow up the PRR"s Allegheny Valley, Conemaugh and the Pittsburgh Divisions to have LRV with railroad gaged tracks to have tracks laid and mixed with existing NS RR's gaged tracks that could force by Legislative changes to force Penn D.O.T., PA. P.U.C. on down to end the overlapping of 266 monthly trips to/from Pittsburgh that wrongly has Lawrence Counties New Castle Area Transit Authority's 11 daily trips Mondays-Thursdays & 13 trips on Fridays. Beaver County's Beaver County Transit Authority's M-F 13 trips. Washington County Washington Rides Freedom Transit 10 trips. Washington/ Westmoreland Counties Mid Mon Valley Transit M-F 17 Daily Trips. Saturday 7 Trips and Sundays 3 trips. Fayette Counties Fayette Area Coordinated Transportations 3 Daily trips. Westmoreland Counties Westmoreland County Transit Authorities 22 Daily trips with Express trips and local routing to/from Downtown Pittsburgh. PA House Bill or ACT 44 demands that all transit systems end waste of funding sources to be cut from top of each transit systems operations, which these systems are not doing the cutting. Without cutting the waste no transit system is to receive one cent for operations period. Yet the above are wasting Federal, State, County, City down to local taxes as they refuse to end Pittsburgh trips and refuse to loop back at County lines from the nearest Class 2 PAT route by refusing to set up transit hubs and transfer points. Ms. Weins from PPT/ WESA and Stuart Strickland that's on Allegheny County Transit Council with me forever have them bucking my common sense workable plans to have the above set up hubs and transfer points which would work to loop outer lines a reason points back to best connect to PAT's work and other axed systems that can't connect to these systems that would deeply allow better services in a 32 plus County areas if the overlapping they are wrongly doing to PAT's work would be ended as I'll try to explain.