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    joseph tomaszewski on 04/12/2019 at 10:07 AM
    Well, I am putting a challenge out to john morgart. I practice Tang soo do and am a green belt with two red stripes. First of all, let me say that he got kicked out of the ITF because he was teaching tang soo do without Master Kim's permission. And was told to stop when he didn't he was removed from the ITF. The style he is teaching is Tang soo do just watered down. How is it that he can just give himself a masters rank in a style he created??? It is people like this who get people hurt or killed trying to fill an ego or live some fantasy. The guy teaches in his mother's basement last time I checked and I'm not even sure he has the legal paperwork/child clearances to do what he is doing, I may be wrong but I'm just saying. So back to my challenge, I am challenging john morgart to a UFC rules fight. Let me be clear when I say this I love the martial arts and what this guy is doing is very disrespectful. So i want to meet him in the ring for a full contact fight and i want to see his style first hand and how it is able to be applied in every situation. To John or anyone who knows john i want you john morgart to take this fight and prove that it works meet me in the ring and fight me full contact NOT sparring. I live in Pennsylvania and am not far and I am also willing to drive to whatever venue you wish so we can do this. My email is feel free to contact me ill be waiting :)

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