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    Michael Meyers on 02/20/2019 at 2:35 AM
    "Truthfully, when diluted properly, it's only a bit more alcoholic than a glass of wine."

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! However this should read "when consumed properly".

    The single most important truth (or anti-misunderstanding) about absinthe, in my opinion, is that it is a concentrated drink. It isn't, and never was, intended to be drunk undiluted. A proper glass of absinthe starts with just 1 ounce of the absinthe (the concentrate). As such, its bottled alcohol percentage is irrelevant. It's only bottled at the percentages that it is to preserve it until it is served.

    Not only does a properly prepared glass of absinthe contain no more alcohol than an average glass of wine, it contains less alcohol than 12 ounces of most IPA beers (never mind 16 ounce pours!), and most standard and classic mixed drinks.

    I commend you for staying away from the usual "high alcohol" hyperbole usually part of these kinds of articles. It's a dialogue I think it's high time we all moved away from.

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