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    SAVEDUQUESNE on 02/28/2009 at 8:00 AM
    Re: “Campus Insecurity
    I am a current law student and I spoke out against the actions of Dougherty. I proudly carried a sign of protest and pleaded with the faculty to vote no confidence in the president. I am very thankful to the faculty members who were willing to stand up to tyranny. Since that time the Interim Dean of the Law School has repeatedly told many students that we were going to be blackballed from the downtown firms and we were putting our future employment in jeopardy. He has also indicated he would have to think twice before signing our certificates of good standing in order to sit for the BAR. We have had to double check with our registrar to ensure our graduation is not in jeopardy because no one knows what Dougherty and Gormley are capable of. Gormley has repeatedly insinuated that he has control over our futures as lawyers in the city of Pittsburgh and that speaking out in protest is not good for our reputation.

    Although I have really enjoyed my law school experience and I am proud for standing up I have to think about graduating and moving on. I will not attend graduation and I will protest the scab dean signing my Law Degree because I do not want a life time reminder of that snake.

    To Chris Potter: I will not respond to questions and I will keep my identity a secret, this is not "sock puppetry" this is for protection.