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    Descartes on 08/27/2008 at 10:20 AM
    Re: “Lemieux's Ruse
    This article is ridiculous, as it fails to take into account, of course, that the city desperately needed a new multi purpose facility, as Mellon Arena is woefully inadequate. ROI on the building is overlooked as well. Namely the absurd amount of entertainment tax the Penguins generate for the city. In reality the city and county governments get a cut of every Penguin ticket sold, as well as a cut of the ticket for every other event that will be held at the arena. Not to mention the parking tax revenue, as I doubt many hockey fans are walking to the games, and the tax charged on concession items, as I also doubt many fans are brewing their own beer in their seats.

    And of course the Penguins are bearing some of the cost for the facility. We could also discuss the economic benefits of the Arena deal, namely jobs for the Hill, service industry revenue generated for local establishments on game days, etc... but the only way this article is exciting is if you instead attempt to besmirch the reputation of a community icon. How thrillingly sensational and fresh your approach is. Lemieux negotiating a better arena deal in this situation is no different than telling a car dealership you may buy that same car from another dealer. Get over it.