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Re: “Neighborhoods: Methadone clinic helping clients with java therapy

Finally some good points from others that display facts instead of a bias opinion as the advocates have here. Good job Maximilian, Mars & Hillbilly Mars. I have noticed that the advocates have nothing to say in the face of challenge of their statements with actual facts. Just for informational purposes. An advocate’s journey to becoming an advocate lasts six hours. That's right; to become a Certified Methadone Advocate (CMA) it takes six hours and $100.00 to do so. I find it difficult to take a CMA seriously knowing the lack of real training and education that is involved. Just for comparison. For every hour that a CMA trains, I have spent a year in school. For every dollar of the one hundred a CMA spends for their credentials I have spent $500.00 on my education. For those mathematically challenged, that 100 x 500.00. For every hour a CMA has spent in their six hour training I have taught people how to stay drug free for 1.5 years. Instead of reading the propaganda of the Certified Methadone Advocates I'd like to hear more facts from care givers with actual educations.

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Posted by Robert on 04/16/2008 at 11:11 PM

Re: “Neighborhoods: Methadone clinic helping clients with java therapy

mlsswann, Florida wrote: " The coffee shop is a great idea for those new to treatment that are genuinely afraid to go around old "so-called friends" that they used drugs with (before beginning an MMT program to get their lives back, these "old-so called- friends" were all they had). Those starting treatment without Family as a support network really need something like this coffee shop to start to learn how to live again and make friends that are clean of all illicit drugs. I just have one, actually two things to say... Zenith - Texas, absolutely makes total sense in what she says. She is well educated. I'm going to ask you, although I think I already know the answer, but, do you have the disease of opioid addiction, or do you know someone you love that does? If you are so against Methadone Maintenance Treatment, then why haven't you educated yourself a little more on this treatment before sharing your opinion? Keep Advocating Zenith-Texas!" ------------------------------------------------- I agree that the coffee shop is a good idea for those trying to change People Places & Things as long as there are standards and rules in place for the clients. It is a good idea for MMT clients to makes friends with others that are clean from illicit drugs but unfortunately if these are other MMY clients this will be hard to do considering a very high percentage of MMT clients are testing positive for alcohol and illicit drugs monthly at MMT clinics. If anyone reading this has any experience as a MMT client or MMT worker you will know what I am stating is correct. There is a reason why MMT clinics do not test for marijuana and alcohol and do not have specific tests for oxycontin, if they did they would have to address these drugs and lose their high numbers of success. I find it interesting that mlsswann, Florida states zenith Texas is a "she." Zenith never mentioned this in their post yet mlsswann, Florida knows her gender. Nice support for your own post zenith Texas. Next time you agree with yourself but using a different user name you can use the term "co-signing your own falsehoods." Just for informational purposes. I have the disease of addiction and there is no such thing as the "disease of opioid addiction." Addiction is addiction regardless of the substance involved, addiction is not about the drug, it's about behaviors and feelings, the reaction to feelings, drugs are the symptom of the disease of addiction, not the problem. Once the drugs are stopped there is much to learn and much change to effect in our lives. With MMT, the drugs are never stopped thus the behavior changes needed in an addicts life rarely if ever occur in a MMT clients life. I have been on both sides of the MMT tables as a user and a Therapist. You know, one of those Therapists that gives "questionable ""counseling"" that occurs at clinics." I also have been helping people learn to live drug free for the last ten plus years, teaching coping skills, relapse prevention and how to develop a solid relapse prevention plan, life skills, chemical dependency & addiction education, dual diagnosis education, guiding 12 step and other supports into addicts lives, linking patients to life sustaining services, OVR funding, alda funding etc., helping client empower their lives and leaving the excuses, rationalizations, blaming, intellectualizing and other denial tools behind to move forward in a drug free life. I volunteer much of my time to do so, hold various degrees and certifications in addiction education and training. I have dedicated my life to fighting the disease of addiction, within myself and others. I have done more than writing a post about a cooffee shop. I have done more than tell the lie that Methadone is a viable tool to treat addiction. I have fought addiction without a drug in my body, evey day of my life for over a decade and I have taught many others to do so as well. I freely give away what I have learned. I do not make money from the suffering of addicts as methadone clinics do each day in this country. I would say that is at least slightly educated.

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Posted by Robert on 04/11/2008 at 6:06 PM

Re: “Neighborhoods: Methadone clinic helping clients with java therapy

This was a response from Zenith Texas. Zenith Texas wrote "It is insinuated that methadone is simply a substitution therapy and that the "real" treatment is the counseling received. This is untrue." Actually the previous statement by Zenith Texas is not true. Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever, similar to morphine and is most definitely used to replace other narcotics in the body. Zenith Texas wrote "Many long term opiate addicts have sustained permanent damage to the endorphin system in the brain--the natural opiates we all have. Even long term abstinence, group therapy, counseling, meetings, etc will not repair this damage when it is permanent, as it sometimes is. Methadone is a substitution therapy, yes--but not for the heroin or other opiates. It is a substitute for the natural endorphins no longer being produced, in the same way that insulin replaces the chemicals no longer produced in the pancreas of the diabetic." This is not true, this is propaganda from methadaone advocates. Even if this was true there are drugs that are not mood altering to replace endorphines. Methadone is a drug that get a patient high just like any other opiate and does not address the true source and core of addiction which is the feelings, behaviors and the reaction to feelings. Zenith Texas wrote "some addicts may need counseling due to lifestyle issues, and it should always be offered, methadone is a very important part of the treatment and should not be relegated to the realm of unimportance next to the often questionable "counseling" that occurs at clinics." Interesting generalization. Zenith Texas wrote "In fact, many long term patients have long since resolved their social and other issues they had when entering treatment and no longer require counseling of any kind--they are stable, compliant, functional, and should be able to see their physicians on a monthly basis for their medications instead of clogging up needed slots at a clinic." In fact over 75% of methadone clients in the USA are on public funding and are not contributing to society but are instead using our tax dollars to fund long term methadone treatment, pay their rent and other bills. The stability mentioned is noting more than methadone clients using our tax dollars to fund every aspect of their lives while they use benzodiazapine, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and other drugs while on methadone and even use tax dollra to obtain some of these drugs. A very small portion of methadone clients are only using methadane. Zenith Texas comments sound very nice but the truth is, methadone is a replacement for opiates like herion and oxycontin and is a very poor treatment for addiction. If the life style of the addict is not addressed there is no forward progression. A methadone client who is totally funded by tax dollars in every way is not a stable, functional and productive member of society. Are there some clients that do fair to well on methadone, not many but yes there are some. But then again, there are some who live in prison who are stable as well.

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Posted by Robert on 04/10/2008 at 6:57 PM

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