City Paper's 2018 Best People and Places | Pittsburgh City Paper

City Paper's 2018 Best People and Places

Best Activist

1st Leon Ford

2nd Monica Ruiz

Casa San José

3rd Blakk Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A


Best Arcade

1st Games N’ At

2010 Josephine St., South Side 

Facebook search “Game N’ At”

2nd Kickback Pinball Cafe

4326 Butler St., Lawrenceville

3rd Victory Pointe Arcade and Gaming Cafe

1113 E. Carson St., South Side

Best Bus Route

1st P1

2nd 61A

3rd 54

Best Dog Park

1st Frick Park 

1981 Beechwood Blvd., Squirrel Hill

2nd South Park 

1613 Maple Springs Drive, South Park

3rd North Park

10301 Walter Road, Wexford

Best Hair

1st Weird Paul

2nd The Moon Baby

3rd Brittney Chantele

Best Hill

1st Polish Hill 

2nd Rialto Street 

3rd Observatory Hill

Best Local Blogger

1st Paige Mitchell

2nd Yinz Can’t Park

3rd Carlton Falconer Jr.

Best Local Food or Drink Trend

1st French Fries on Everything!

2nd Booze with EVERY food!

3rd Rolled Ice Cream 

Best Local Instagram Account

1st @keeppittsburghdope

2nd @ricksebak

3rd @bambiqween

Best Local Movie Theater

1st Row House Cinema

4115 Butler St., Lawrenceville

2nd The Manor Theatre 

1729 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill

3rd Hollywood Theater

1449 Potomac Ave., Dormont

Best Local Podcast

1st Drinking Partners

2nd Talk’n Pops

3rd The Double D Show