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Top 5 Pittsburgh songs

"A Good Man is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh)"

After an opening that notes “it’s cloudy out in Pittsburgh, raining in Saigon,” Bruce Springsteen spins a yarn about broken hearts and promises. You know … new territory for The Boss. 

"The Range War"

There are thirsty cows awaiting their maker on a farm near Pittsburgh, which is “the only town east of the river” that Todd Rundgren knows. Yeah, we’re confused, too.

"On the Streets I Ran"

Morrisey, who isn’t exactly our city’s biggest fan, begs God to spare him at the expense of (ahem): “him, them, anyone, the stillborn, the newborn” and … “people from Pittsburgh.” To which we say: Johnny Marr forever!

"Life During Wartime"

Dangerous is trying to claim confident interpretation of any phrase turned for the Talking Heads by lyrical genius David Byrne. Can we just be glad he had “heard of Pittsburgh, Pa.?"

"Living in America"

Why pick from seemingly a hundred Wiz Khalifa songs that mention our city when James Brown’s preceded the plot twist in an increasingly relevant (again) Rocky IV? Exactly. Or something.