Brooke Annibale releases dreamy full-length Hold to the Light | Pittsburgh City Paper

Brooke Annibale releases dreamy full-length Hold to the Light

Local indie-pop artist’s fourth record mixes electronic soundscapes and sparse instrumentation

Brooke Annibale
Hold to the Light

Hold to the Light is Brooke Annibale’s fourth release. It opens an electronic swell that drops into a smart, sparse arrangement that threads through the record. The sound is a departure from her previous records’ acoustic singer-songwriter approach. She presents an ethereal, ambience-tinged indie-pop record with folk roots, with a mix of electronic soundscapes and minimal instrumentation. It gives ample room for Annibale’s airy tone and warm alto to bring her thoughtful lyrics to life. The record still features acoustic guitar, keys and string arrangements, which keeps the electronic textures from feeling too cold. 

On tracks like the reverb-soaked “Collided” and “Either I,” Annibale leans into the pop melodies but keeps a relaxed tempo that feels all her own. Throughout the record, the melodies are tantalizing and memorable — particularly on tracks “Point of View” and “Glow.” And just as she entices with the opening track, Annibale sends it home with album closer “Imagination,” a hip-swaying number with a strong presence of her electric guitar.