It’s a Halloween show at October’s Film Kitchen | Pittsburgh City Paper

It’s a Halloween show at October’s Film Kitchen

Short films about spooky walks, bad Halloween parties and more


The monthly series for local and independent film offers a Halloween-themed show. Highlights among these short films include “Spooky Nights in October,” Pat Francart’s stylish and well-acted little 2016 creeper about a guy who gets more than he bargains for at a Halloween party. The Oct. 10 program, curated by Matthew R. Day, also includes Day’s own “Spooky Walk,” a 10-minute 2005 docu-comedy about some drunk friends taking a nighttime hike in the woods to find ghosts; some of the laughs are supplied via wry subtitles. Other featured shorts include Ivette Spradlin’s cute silent-film-style comedy “Isobel Gowdie Is My Roommate” (2011); tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE’s “Seriousness Is Death,” documenting masked and naked hijinks (and graffiti-making) in early-1980s Baltimore; and “Dr. Delusia Operations,” Brandon McMillan’s comedy-horror photo roman set in an OR. Note the earlier starting time for this installment of Film Kitchen.