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Squirrel Hill + Vicinity


Allegro Hearth
The kind of bread where quality is determined by the sound the crust makes when gently squeezed. There are several varieties of bread, and many of them are vegan. 2034 Murray Ave., 412-422-5623

Big Jim’s
Rib-sticking portions of toasted hoagies, burgers, calzones and other Italian-American classics. Located at the start of Greenfield’s Four Mile Run, or as locals know it, “The Run.” 201 Saline St., 412-421-0532

There’s more than just sushi at this Japanese restaurant. The noodle bowls, hot pots and yakimono (broiled fish) are all great choices. 2032 Murray Ave., 412-422-2082

Chengdhu Gourmet
Arguably the city’s most authentic Chinese restaurant. Specializing in Sichuan cuisine (very spicy!), its extensive menu includes many less-common Chinese dishes like spicy rabbit and pork-blood tofu. 5840 Forward Ave., 412-521-2088

Dobra Tea
Drink tea as if experiencing one of many cultures’ “tea ceremonies,” and nosh on vegetarian fare. For the non-teetotalers, they even offer beer tea. 1937 Murray Ave., 412-449-9833

Everyday Noodles
Hand-pulled-and-slapped noodles, just like Chinese grandmas from Xi’an Province make, are why you are here. You can watch the noodle-pulling action through glass windows. 5875 Forbes Ave., 412-421-6668

Five Points Artisan Bakeshop
This off-the-beaten-path bakery is family-owned and -operated and offers buttery croissants, rustic loaves, sweet cookies and some mighty fine sandwiches. 6520 Wilkins Ave., 412-521-2253

Gaby et Jules
This French patisserie is known for its colorful macarons — which are even more scrumptious than Emmanuel Macron, France’s new president — and other classic pastries, like éclairs. 5837 Forbes Ave., 412-682-1966

Baked goods can be temptingly torturous for those with food sensitivities, but this gluten-free and dairy-free bakery offers relief with cookies, cupcakes and more. 1923 Murray Ave., 412-521-4890

Green Pepper
Family-run restaurant for all your Korean-food desires, like barbecue beef short ribs, spicy kimchi pancakes and bibimbop (there’s spicy octopus bibimbop for the more adventurous). 2020 Murray Ave., 412-422-2277

No-frills space allows diners to explore Syrian cuisine and dishes like mezze and kibbeh, along with more familiar Middle Eastern fare. 2018 Murray Ave., 412-421-1920

Smallman Street Deli
Full menu of old-school deli classics like reubens, whitefish salad and even chopped liver will leave you stuffed. Make sure to grab a black-and-white cookie to go. 1912 Murray Ave., 412-421-3354

Sumi’s Cakery
Little Korean bakery serving treats more common in the Far East, including red-bean pastry buns and shaved ice on top of ice cream. The mocha cake is much beloved. 2119 Murray Ave., 412-422-2253

Recently moved into a bigger storefront next to its old locale. Still offers deliciously light Belgian waffles topped with fruit, chocolate and ice cream. 1701 Murray Ave., 412-521-4902


Hidden Harbor
Want a tropical oasis in the middle of Pittsburgh? This tiki-style bar has you covered, with fruit-infused cocktails and island décor. The drinks are top-notch. 1708 Shady Ave., 412-422-5040

Hough’s Brewpub and Taproom
With 73 rotating taps, all your beer-style desires will be met. Located in mellow Greenfield, this pub also has great snacks, like homemade pierogis. 563 Greenfield Ave., 412-586-5944

Independent Brewing Company
Local beer only at this casual, open-to-the-street bar. Day drinking is encouraged: $2 off drafts from 3-5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. 1704 Shady Ave., 412-422-5040

Point Brugge Café
Technically a restaurant, this Point Breeze café has a handsome bar to sample some of the world’s finest Belgian brews. Pucker up: Most Belgian beers are sour. 401 Hastings St., 412-441-3334

Squirrel Hill Café
The neighborhood’s most nostalgic bar: It’s smoky, serves cheap beer and greasy bar fare, and there’s a jukebox always cranking out tunes. 5802 Forbes Ave., 412-521-3327