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South Side + Vicinity


Benny Fierro’s
If you’re looking for a pizza spot with good-sized pies and a craft-soda collection for the ages, look no further. 1906 E. Carson St., 412-709-6077

Big Dog Coffee
You can indulge in some tasty gelato as you get your caffeine fix for the day. The back patio is also perfect for bringing your pup for a coffee date. 2717 Sarah St., 412-586-7306

Delanie’s Coffee
With great breakfast sandwiches, fresh juices and excellent coffee, Delanie’s is a wonderful spot for working, or catching up with an old friend. 1737 E. Carson St., 412-927-4030

Doce Taqueria
This hole-in-the-wall spot has got the tacos you crave — from basic (meat, lettuce, cheese) to more off-beat (a tuna-salad taco for Lent). Low prices mean you can order plenty. 1220 E. Carson St., 412-238-8518

Gabriella’s Gourmet
Under new management, this is a warm, welcoming spot that has amazing specials. The chicken and greens are absolutely to die for, and the price makes it worth the stop. 301 E. Carson St., 412-481-4227

La Palapa
You will have pleasant dreams about the veggie-friendly tamales, sopapilla and Jarritos selection here. Real-deal Mexican cuisine. 1925 E. Carson St., 412-586-7015

Leon’s Caribbean Food
Leon’s is a quiet little storefront in Allentown, but the food inside has real flair. This spot has outrageously good curry goat and oxtail stew. It’s authentic. 823 E. Warrington Ave., 412-431-5366

Onion Maiden
Scoot up to Allentown for some of the world’s best all-vegan comfort food and a great pun-filled menu. The Emperor Palpatots are a must, as well as the amazing dessert selection. 639 E. Warrington Ave., 412-586-7347

This kitschy vegan brunch spot never disappoints, but I do recommend wearing loose fitting clothing and bringing a hearty appetite. 86 S. 26th St., 412-481-4833


Dee’s Cafe
It’s really hard to beat Dee’s $1.75 draft specials, and the seven pool tables mean less waiting for one to open up. There’s also free WiFi if you wanna work from home (wink, wink). 1314 E. Carson St., 412-431-1314

If you’re looking for a mellow spot to play pool, enjoy affordable brews and avoid some of the college-y bars in the South Side, Jack’s is the spot. It opens at 7 a.m., and that’s when it starts serving the chili dogs. 1117 E. Carson St., 412-431-3644

Jekyll & Hyde
This bar is Halloween-themed year round. The specialty drinks here are tasty, the service is great, and the decor is simply sinful. 140 S. 18th St., 412-488-0777

The Library
Literature nerds who love niche beers have a home here. There are seriously over 80 microbrews available, and it’s a great place to unwind after a long day of work. 2302 E. Carson St., 412-381-0517

Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe
There are few things in this world as bliss-inducing as drinking a Tour de 75, eating some seitan wings and hanging out in a low-key bar in a lively neighborhood. Do it at OTB. 2518 E. Carson St., 412-381-3693

Piper’s Pub
A British Isles-inspired pub, with whiskey, beer, Scotch eggs and Euro football on the telly. Next door is the Pub Chip Shop, for savory pies, fish and chips, and donuts. 1828 E. Carson St., 412-381-2797