This can't-miss breakfast sandwich is hidden away at a Dormont coffeehouse | Pittsburgh City Paper

This can't-miss breakfast sandwich is hidden away at a Dormont coffeehouse

click to enlarge This can't-miss breakfast sandwich is hidden away at a Dormont coffeehouse
CP Photo: Stacy Rounds
The Best in the Burgh sandwich at Potomac Station Coffeehouse
As a busy working mom, I occasionally slip up and mismark important meetings on my calendar. Case in point: earlier this month, I was supposed to meet the hosts of the YaJagoff podcast down at Rohrich Toyota for a promotional shoot for our Karaoke Kabaret. That appointment was an hour later than I thought. What was I to do with an hour of freedom?

I decided I was in desperate need of a massive latte, so I punched the coffee option on my GPS and it guided me to Potomac Station Coffeehouse.

Our team at Pittsburgh City Paper loves local, flavorful, Pittsburgh food (see our fine article about local chicken tendies.) So when I discovered the towering, slaw-topped bagel sandwich on the menu at Potomac Station Coffeehouse and witnessed the flavor and texture miracle of each bite, I decided I immediately needed to share my experience in savoring the Best in the Burgh sandwich (yes, that’s its real name). This was, to this day, the best breakfast sandwich I’ve eaten in Pittsburgh.

Before I get into the details, I must confess, I’m not much of a breakfast eater. After years of intermittent fasting and busy mornings with my two kids, I rarely indulge in the most important meal of the day. That said, if I do choose to eat breakfast, I have to be good and hungry, that breakfast needs to be accompanied by a great cup of coffee, and the food offered can’t be sugary. (I’m sorry donut lovers, my guts just can’t.) I generally steer clear of greasy foods as well, but this bagel sandwich had the perfect balance of everything I love.

It had meat — a perfectly cooked sausage patty, a well-done but not rubbery egg layer, a square of cheddar cheese, a tumbleweed potato miracle I couldn’t get enough of, and a slightly spicy slaw between halves of a fresh oversized bagel. (When ordering the Best in the Burgh sandwich, one has a choice of bagel flavors. For me, I figured the plain option would be best.)

Bear in mind that I walked into this situation completely blind. Unlike weekend dining with my partner or planned lunch dates with my kids, I didn’t spend hours reading reviews or asking members of multiple Facebook Groups what was good. Normally I come ready to eat with a game plan. This was a toss of the dice in my favor: a perfect 10 of atmosphere, friendly service, great coffee, comfortable seating, (ample parking!), and the most satisfying breakfast sandwich I’ve had in years.