5 Best HHC Gummies Of 2024

HHC gummies have exploded in popularity among health enthusiasts and hemp connoisseurs for their unique combination of a delicious gummy taste with the powerful effects of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol). Often referred to as a more potent version of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), HHC in gummy form purports mood-lifting sensations and euphoria without intense psychoactive effects.

However, the best HHC edibles require careful dosing to manage tolerance, starting with just half a gummy until you understand its impacts.

Through extensive analysis, we have narrowed down the top HHC gummy brands that offer users a safe, high-purity blend encapsulated in a tasty treat for relaxation and fun.

Read this article till the end to know the ideal HHC gummy dosage and differentiate premium options for a quality experience.

Top 5 Best HHC Gummy Brands Reviewed

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Brands To Buy HHC Gummies, Our Top Pick

  2. Budpop: Premium HHC Gummies For Relaxation

  3. Cheef Botanicals: Best HHC Gummies For Pain Relief

  4. DopeBoo: Strongest HHC Gummies With Fruity Flavors

  5. Just Delta: Preferred HHC Gummies With Pure Ingredients

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Brands To Buy HHC Gummies, Our Top Pick

What We Love

We start with one of the best HHC gummies from Exhale Wellness. These high-potency HHC gummies are made with natural ingredients and are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.  

The HHC dosage in the gummies is in the range of 25mg-50mg. So, these gummies work best for beginners or people who prefer a mild effect.  

The best part? HHC gummies from Exhale Wellness come in delicious but mild fruit flavors that do not overpower the natural essence of cannabis. 

What Customers Love

Most customers appreciate the relaxing effect of these best HHC edibles. They also love how these gummies help ease their backache and body pain to help them sleep better.  

Consumers looking for a mild HHC edible strong enough to be effective without overpowering their senses love these HHC gummies. 

About Exhale

Exhale Wellness started its operation in 2021, focusing on promoting well-being through nature. The brand harnesses the therapeutic qualities of natural cannabinoids and uses top-grade organic hemp. With their highly effective HHC products, they help customers fight fatigue, control anxiety, and ease chronic pain through a holistic approach. 


  • Made with 100% natural ingredients. 

  • Third-party tested and Farm Bill-compliant products. 

  • Discreet shipping with complete customer privacy. 

  • 25% discount on first order. 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • No physical store, only available on the website. 


  • 750 MG of HHC per bottle. 

  • 30 HHC gummies in one bottle. 

  • No sugary flavours. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Exhale Wellness”

#2. Budpop: Premium HHC Gummies For Relaxation

What We Love

Next is the top-rated and best HHC gummies from Budpop. These premium HHC gummies use a more concentrated form of the original formula and capture the strength of pure sativa hemp strains to offer a highly satisfying experience.  

The highlight of Budpop is the excellent HHC gummy flavors- Blueberry Haze and Strawberry Sherbert that are super-delicious on your palette. 

Moreover, we can see the lab test reports on the website and trust Budpop HHC gummies quality. 

What Customers Love

Customer reviews mostly point out Budpop’s HHC gummies for their fantastic taste and relaxing effect, which helps them manage their mood disorders. They are also satisfied with how these gummies calm their senses, relieve their body pain, and help them sleep well. 

About Budpop

Budpop is also a new name in the HHC industry, which started in 2021, intending to provide natural wellness products to people across the US. The brand has grown popular quickly due to its high-quality products that customers love and rely on. 

Another good thing about Budpop is that the brand manufactures cruelty-free and vegan products. No animal products or by-products are used in production or packaging. 


  • Guaranteed feeling of relaxation. 

  • Supports restful sleep. 

  • Reduces muscle soreness to ease physical discomfort. 

  • Offers free shipping on orders over $99. 

  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly. 

  • Cruelty-free. 


  • Only two flavors are available. 


  • 625 MG of HHC THC. 

  • 25 gummies in one bottle. 

  • Flavors: Strawberry Sherbert and Blueberry Haze. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Budpop”

#3. Cheef Botanicals: Best HHC Gummies For Pain Relief

What We Love

Another popular name and one of the best HHC gummy brands is Cheef Botanicals. It offers a healthier alternative to traditional HHC gummies, as it is made with all-natural ingredients.  

HHC gummies from Cheef Botanicals help calm your nerves, relieve physical discomfort, energise your mind, and allow you to rest well.  

We also found that there are no artificial ingredients included in these gummies. You can consume them without worrying about any side effects. Moreover, each little piece contains only 1g of sugar, so you can sink into relaxation without gaining weight. 

What Customers Love

Customer reviews on the website mention the sleep benefits of Cheef Botanicals gummies. One customer even said that these gummies have helped him overcome his long-term sleeping disorder.  

Others have also lauded its pain-reliving qualities, mentioning that the gummies help them maintain their pain levels and provide a sense of calmness. 

About Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals was established in 2018 with a mission to provide holistic well-being to its customers with pure and natural products. The brand is completely transparent about its manufacturing process and offers a satisfaction guarantee to its customers. 

Customers who do not like the gummies can get a 100% refund. 


  • Hemp plant-derived product. 

  • Completely vegan, as no animal gelatin is used in the product. 

  • 100% money-back guarantee. 

  • Completely legal and Farm Bill-compliant products. 


  • Might take some time to show the effects. 


  • 750 MG of HHC per bottle. 

  • 30 gummies in a bottle. 

  • Flavors- blueberry, kiwi, mango, watermelon, and strawberry. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “Cheef Botanicals”

#4. DopeBoo: Strongest HHC Gummies With Fruity Flavors

What We Love

Our list of the best HHC gummies will be incomplete without mentioning DopeBoo. DopeBoo uses top-quality ingredients to ensure you experience enhanced HHC gummy effects. All the ingredients are backed by research and blended with utmost precision.  

DopeBoo gummies are among the strongest HHC gummies available in the market.  

You can also explore various flavors, from tasty fruit mixes to exciting exotic blends.  

What Customers Love

DopeBoo customers rave about the quality of the products and excellent customer service. 

About DopeBoo

DopeBoo is an online headshop, a one-stop destination for all cannabis needs. The platform offers a wide variety of vapes, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, etc., HHC and THC gummies being their stand-out products.  

It is one of the best HHC gummy brands and has also received consideration from vape authorities in the industry, like Leafly, High Times, and Herb.co.  


  • Lab-tested and approved HHC gummies. 

  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly. 

  • Offers global shipping on most products. 

  • 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone, and email. 

  • Ensures complete security and privacy of customer data. 


  • Limited product catalog. 


  • 1500 MG of HHC per bottle. 

  • 25 gummies in one bottle. 

  • Flavours- Blue Raz, Green Apple, Mango Tango, Pineapple, Strawberry Cream, Tropical Blend.  

#5. Just Delta: Preferred HHC Gummies With Pure Ingredients

What We Love

Just Delta completes our list of the best HHC gummies, as we found its wide variety of HHC gummies, which are gentle yet potent enough to send you into a state of euphoria. Each gummy contains 25 mg of HHC and is ideal for those with low cannabinoid tolerance.  

The delectable variety of flavors is another reason we love these gummies.  

Most importantly, these products are lab-tested to ensure their safety. There are no added preservatives; the gummies have zero trans fats and low sugar content.  

What Customers Love

Customers love this product for its mild, exhilarating feeling without overwhelming the senses. The products offer a mellow high for a longer time. They also appreciate Just Delta's delicious and varied flavors, which are unavailable in most brands.  

Additionally, like the other best HHC brands in our list, Just Delta HHC gummies have received positive reviews for their ability to relieve stress and promote better sleep. 

About Just Delta

Although Just Delta is relatively new to the industry, the brand has performed impeccable research to create some high-quality products. Its diverse range of products includes lab-tested Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, ELF THC, HAZE, and Live Resin edibles.   

Just Delta helps its customers live stress-free lives with its top-notch Delta products. 


  • Derived from organic hemp in the USA. 

  • Third-party tested and GMP-certified. 

  • Free shipping on all orders above $50. 

  • Extensive variety of flavours. 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • Not vegan. 

  • Uses artificial flavours. 


  • Comes in 250mg and 1000mg/ bottle specification. 

  • Flavors- Raspberry, Tutti Frutti, Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange, Lemon, and more. 

How We Picked the Best HHC Gummies?

With the popularity of the best HHC gummies, the market has exploded with varying quality and safety options. We implemented a rigorous selection process focusing on key indicators of top-tier HHC gummies to spotlight the most premium picks truly worth your investment.

Our team analyzed extensive data points across numerous emerging and established best HHC brands to hand-select those exceeding standards for purity, potency, ingredient quality, and transparency.

The evaluation weighed a complex balance of factors, enabling us to differentiate standard HHC gummies from the best. Here are the criteria that ultimately impacted rankings as we assessed each HHC gummy product in-depth.

Natural Ingredients

We emphasized HHC gummy ingredients as a critical benchmark of safety and quality. Our researchers screened for all-natural formulas using organically cultivated hemp for extracts to limit the consumption of residuals, chemicals, or contaminants.

Bonus points were given to the best HHC brands that avoided artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners by utilizing natural fruit juices, essential oils, veggies, and organic cane sugar. We prioritized clean, high-quality ingredients free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), solvents, and pesticides.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Access to up-to-date third-party lab test results provided objective insight into true HHC gummy quality. Independent analysis from ISO-compliant (International Organisation for Standardisation) laboratories verified potency-matched label claims and screened samples for over 200 potential toxins.

This transparency around internal processes gave us confidence in purity, while CoAs (Certificates of Analysis) reinforced quality control measures and federal regulatory compliance. We only considered brands willingly providing recent lab reports for review.

Brand Reputation & Experience

Our selection methodology emphasized manufacturer reputation and longevity. We filtered for makers of the best HHC gummies with 2+ years of experience in operation and a proven track record of transparency and ethical practices.

Strong indicators of excellent reputation were diverse product variety, extensive customer reviews averaging 4 stars+, media features, and public lab result access dating back to initial batches. We focused on established companies dedicated to the hemp industry with stellar reputations.


Gauging potency levels was pivotal for understanding true HHC gummy effectiveness. Our team researched publicly available CoAs (Certificates of Analysis) and recorded the precise HHC content per gummy in milligrams.

This number was weighed against the best HHC brand labeling claims to ensure consumers get adequate HHC to produce desired effects.

Further, we noted any complementary cannabinoids infused with the HHC extract. Accurately quantified HHC content was imperative for ranking considerations.

What to Consider When Choosing HHC Gummies

With various HHC gummies promising relaxation and euphoria, selecting the optimal product for your needs can get confusing. However, the best HHC edibles for you are a personal balance of potency, strain, flavor, pricing, and manufacturer reputation. We break down the key deciding factors for finding your ideal HHC experience:


The most vital consideration is verifying your HHC gummy dosage, as potency directly correlates to felt effects.

We suggest newcomers start very low at 5mg per gummy, while 10-15mg suits more regular consumers without huge tolerance. Meanwhile, the strongest HHC gummies reach 25-50mg for those seeking heightened sensations.

Compare lab tests to ensure the actual HHC content matches brand claims. Remember - you can always take more, but not less! Starting low and slowly increasing dosage is the safest approach.


HHC strain indicates the type of effects - choose between sativa, indica, or hybrid blends.

  • Sativa HHC delivers invigorating, motivating, and euphoric vibes perfect for social events or creative pursuits.

  • Indica relaxes both body and brain to ease pains and anxiety, making it better suited for relaxation at home.

  • Well-balanced hybrid mixes provide a versatile middle ground.

Consider when and why you will utilize HHC gummies before selecting the best strain match. The right strain contributes greatly to the overall experience.

Customer Reviews

Genuine customer testimonials offer invaluable awareness around real-world experiences with a specific HHC gummy product. Be sure to filter for verified buyer reviews and assess text commentary and star ratings before adding items to your cart.

This feedback helps avoid disappointments by giving you accurate expectations. Reviews from fellow consumers provide transparency on products.


HHC gummy pricing fluctuates substantially based on quantities per package, potency levels, and ingredient quality. Typically, rates range from $20 to $60 per bottle, while premium organic blends with higher HHC content run $75+.

Compare pricing against competitor items with similar traits to gauge true value. Don’t assume cheap HHC deals equate to true savings since quality issues exist! Value is the combination of cost and purity standards.

Brand Reputation

Vetting your chosen HHC gummy brand provides peace of mind around safety and satisfaction. Seek out established manufacturers with a proven commitment to transparency via third-party testing and honest customer communication.

Additionally, certifications like GMP (good manufacturing practice) or ISO compliance indicate adherence to best practices during production.

What are HHC Gummies?

The HHC gummies refer to edible candies or fruit chews infused with HHC extract to provide a tasty delivery format for this trending cannabinoid compound. As the latest hemp-derived cannabis stimulant flooding the wellness market, HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol - converted from CBD (cannabidiol) using specialized chemical synthesis processes.

Reputed as a THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) analog carrying even more potent psychoactive effects, the infusion of HHC into gummies offers consumers a convenient way to experience this cannabinoid’s signature mental and physical impacts.

Users report sensations of pure bliss, cognitive enhancement, relaxed muscles, and improved focus - minus the anxious, mind-racing intensity induced by high levels of traditional Delta-9 THC.

The best HHC edibles, like gummies, allow for the precise intake of HHC content by measuring milligrams per piece. Gummies also partially offset the strong, weedy taste of raw HHC oil through sweet and sour flavor infusion.

These pre-measured bites make enjoying effects easier than judging viscous tincture servings. As portable, shelf-stable treats pack a euphoric punch, HHC-infused fruit gummies have become a staple of the cannabinoid landscape.

HHC vs THC: Drawing Comparisons

With HHC gummies growing rapidly in demand, you’ve likely heard the cannabinoid referred to as a “sibling” or “synthetic analog” of THC. In many ways, HHC replicates the iconic intoxicating effects of Delta-9 THC at an amplified capacity thanks to a slightly altered chemical structure. Yet, defining contrasts also set it apart from other cannabinoids like Delta-8.

Regarding similarities, HHC binds to the same CB1 receptors in the brain as THC, activating the pleasure and reward response pathway responsible for a euphoric high. However, the exclusivity of HHC bonding allows for an even more intense and longer-lasting mental elation experience. The effects of HHC gummies also encompass THC’s signature physiological responses like perceptual changes, time dilation, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increased sociability.

Meanwhile, HHC dosage levels trend much lower than traditional THC, implying stronger reactions from lesser quantities. Users also report less likelihood of unwelcomed side effects like paranoia, anxiety, or psychiatric distress even when consuming high amounts of HHC.

Beyond intensity differences, the two compounds seem nearly identical regarding benefits, with HHC representing the next evolution in the enjoyment of cannabis by any metric.



Delta-9 THC


More potent by weight

Less potent


Lower doses needed

Higher doses needed

Side Effects

Less chance of adverse effects

Greater chance of adverse effects


Longer lasting

Shorter duration

Potential Benefits of HHC Gummies

The popularity of the best HHC gummies directly links to the list of potential benefits offered by this trending cannabinoid compound for both recreational and therapeutic appeals.

Euphoric High

The most touted perk of quality HHC edibles remains their ability to deliver a powerfully euphoric high described by users as pure happiness, sensory ecstasy, and dream-like elation.

The intensity and longevity of HHC’s signature mental “buzz” outpace traditional THC edibles. This blissful feeling explains the widespread appeal of HHC gummies.

Enhanced Focus

In proper microdoses, HHC boosts alertness, concentration span, and motivation levels akin to caffeine without causing jitteriness.

The stimulation can heighten creativity for artists and problem-solving abilities for tech professionals. The focused energy makes HHC gummies useful for both leisure and work demands.

Arousal Response

By activating neural regions governing libido and sexual arousal, HHC gummies enrich intimacy and heighten sensual awareness much like THC - making them a fitting natural aphrodisiac. For couples or solo enjoyment, HHC gummies enhance pleasure and sensory excitement.


When binding to CB2 receptors throughout the body, HHC triggers chemical responses that lower inflammation and reduce chronic joint pains, headaches, cramps, and common conditions like arthritis or migraines. This gives it analgesic qualities as well. The anti-inflammatory action reduces pains from physical overexertion, illness, or chronic diseases.

Anxiolytic Properties

Despite delivering intoxicating effects, HHC appears less likely to incite side effects like paranoia, anxiety, or mood disturbances associated with THC overconsumption - even at higher doses.

This grants it anxiolytic appeal. Users prone to THC-induced anxiety may still enjoy HHC gummies without stressful mental side effects.

Possible Side Effects of HHC Gummies

HHC is mostly safe, but misuse can cause side effects for some users. We outline the most common issues tied to consuming too many HHC edibles. Going slowly with tracking effects prevents unwanted responses over time.


Going over personal THC limits often causes sedation, including strong drowsiness. It leads to slowed thinking and lost coordination when doing normal tasks.

These effects come from the HHC overworking brain areas managing neurotransmitters and hormone balance. Prolonged drowsiness severely impairs daily life functionality.

HHC edibles can trigger unwanted health responses from overindulgence. Also, consider reactions when mixing with specific medications needing care.

Dry Mouth

This common side effect stems from mouth tissues soaking up excess HHC, temporarily blocking saliva flow. It’s nicknamed “cottonmouth”. Drinking fluids helps regain moisture quickly.

Dry mouth relates to HHC interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the mouth. The sensation fades over time as digestion runs its course.


Initial unsteadiness or vision issues relate to HHC lowering blood pressure and temporarily starving cerebral oxygen flow until the body self-corrects circulation.

Dizziness tends to resolve quickly as the effects wear off. Staying still helps facilitate recovery from lightheadedness.

Best HHC gummy intake limits vary among users. Starting very slowly allows personal cause-and-effect tracking, preventing unwanted effects.

Upset Stomach

Overwhelming the system with too much HHC may cause GI (gastrointestinal) distress like nausea and vomiting until excess HHC passes as effects taper off - usually resolving within hours.

This ties to overloading the cannabinoid receptors temporarily. Staying hydrated can ease symptoms of abdominal discomfort during digestion-related problems.

Mood Changes

While HHC often causes euphoria and relaxation with normal doses, overdoing HHC intake risks flooding emotion centers for some. This worsens mood issues linked to anxiety, panic, or short-lived hallucinations requiring sober oversight. These mental effects stop once HHC exits the body. Seeking calm environments aids in coming down from mood or perception shifts.

Increased Hunger

Increased appetite and uncontrolled overeating stem from HHC overworking areas of the brain governing hunger cues. This can spur negative weight gain if recurrent bingeing episodes become frequent and uncontrolled over time. Monitoring food choices and portions despite urges prevents packing on excess pounds.

FAQs About Best HHC Gummies

Q1. Are HHC Gummies Legal?

HHC gummies, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, are federally legal in the United States, although state regulations can vary. Before making a purchase, it's crucial to consult local laws to confirm their legal status in your area.

Q2. How are HHC gummies different from regular THC or CBD gummies?

HHC gummies offer a unique experience, providing a balance between THC's psychoactive effects and CBD's non-psychoactive benefits. They are an appealing choice for users seeking mild euphoria without the intensity associated with THC.

Q3. Are there any dietary restrictions to consider with HHC gummies?

Many HHC gummies are formulated to accommodate dietary preferences, including gluten-free and vegan options. However, consumers should always review product labels to ensure compatibility with their dietary requirements.

Q4. How can I ensure I’m getting high-quality HHC gummies?

Selecting high-quality HHC gummies involves looking for products with comprehensive third-party lab testing, reputable brand practices, and transparent disclosure of ingredients and sourcing.

Q5. Are HHC Gummies Safe to Use with Other Medications or Substances?

It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before combining HHC gummies with any medications or substances to avoid potential interactions and ensure safe use.

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Concluding The Best HHC Gummies!

In this detailed exploration, we've shed light on the world of HHC gummies, clarifying their legal landscape, distinguishing features, and how they compare to their THC and CBD counterparts.

By focusing on crucial factors such as ingredient integrity, lab verification, and brand history, we've laid a foundation for informed decision-making.

Understanding the potential benefits and side effects equips you with the necessary insights to navigate the HHC market confidently.

This guide provides comprehensive knowledge, ensuring you choose HHC gummies that meet and exceed your wellness and enjoyment expectations. Whether seeking relief, relaxation, or a unique euphoric experience, prioritizing quality, safety, and transparency is the key to a satisfactory choice.

Disclaimer: Pittsburgh City Paper does not endorse or practice services described in paid content.