Lynn Cullen Live: They Did WHAT to a Papaya?? (02-22-23) | Pittsburgh City Paper

Lynn Cullen Live: They Did WHAT to a Papaya?? (02-22-23)

"They're deranged, many of them. And those who aren't deranged are cowards to go along with the deranged ones." Lynn on the irredeemability of the modern Republican party.

Lynn talks about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy handing over hours of carefully edited security footage of January 6th to Tucker Carlson, Marjorie Taylor Greene's unhinged Twitter thread advocating for a national divorce, and how a majority of Republicans surveyed responded that being Christian is an important part of being "truly" American.

State legislators in the overwhelmingly black populated city of Jackson, Mississippi want to create a separate court system of unelected judges appointed by an all-white panel of state officials. Medical students in states where abortion was banned are now practicing the vital procedure on papayas.

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