11 Best Cannabis Seed Banks: Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in 2023

Let's face it, buying cannabis seeds online can be a total gamble. Once you buy the seeds, you never really know what you're going to get until you've grown the plants.

However, quality marijuana seed banks maximize your chances of a fast and plentiful grow. Their weed seeds have been tested again and again… proven to grow and thrive.

This is why we’ll present you with the best cannabis seed banks that have received 29,000+ reviews and offer 4,000+ seeds backed by germination and delivery guarantees.

And for the newbies among you - we’ll also give you a few tips on how to choose and grow marijuana seeds.

Roll it up!

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online - First Look

If you just want to know good places to buy marijuana seeds online, here’s a quick look at our top 10 cannabis seed banks:

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana - Best seed bank overall (free US shipping)

  2. Crop King Seeds - Helpful 24/7 customer support

  3. Seedsman - 4,400+ marijuana seeds for sale

  4. Herbies Seeds - Free seeds and gifts on every order

  5. Seed Supreme - Based in the USA

  6. MJ Seeds - 20+ high-CBD medical seeds

  7. Seed City - Cheap $2/seed bulk prices

  8. Quebec Seed Bank - 24-hour shipping

  9. Mary Janes Garden - Seeds directly from the source

  10. Beaver Seeds - Easy payment options

Now that we've gone over what to look for in a quality seed bank, let's take a closer look at our top 11 picks.

1. I Love Growing Marijuana - Best Seed Banks that Ship to the USA


  • 29,000+ reviews

  • Germination guarantee

  • High-THC (26%+) strains

  • BOGO deals

  • Free shipping


  • Tracking costs extra

Reputation: 5/5

As a world-renowned seed bank that has been in business since 2012, ILGM has built a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy source of premium marijuana seeds.

So reliable in fact, that it has received 29,000+ positive reviews on the website, and you’ll see it frequently mentioned on cannabis forums.

Seed Selection: 4.8/5

When it comes to variety, this marijuana seed bank has a small selection focused on the most popular strains, like White Widow (1,300+ reviews), Super Skunk, Jack Herer, and more.

Good to know: all of ILGM’s auto-flowering seeds are feminized, which is great for beginners.

Do you want a recommendation?

Try Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4). This is a perfect strain for beginners since it’s easy to grow and has a high 26% THC content. Still, it’s not overwhelming because it’s a balanced Sativa-Indica hybrid.

Want something even stronger?

Try Grandaddy Purple. While the 23% THC content doesn’t sound impressive in itself, this is a 100% pure Indica strain - which means there’s a very good chance you’ll get “couch-locked.”

Deals and Discounts: 5/5

ILGM isn’t only about high-quality seeds; they also offer pretty interesting discounts.

For starters, you get free shipping in the United States, no matter how big or small your order is. Second, there are Buy 10 Get 10 deals on a dozen of popular strains.

And then there are also mix packs that allow you to save up to $168 while trying a few different strains at once.

>> Buy 10 get 10 FREE on ILGM <<

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, ILGM is a reliable seed bank that stocks high-quality seeds and offers interesting deals.

Finally, ILGM is famous for its 100% germination guarantee, which means it’ll replace any seeds that don’t sprout. As a reference, most seed banks only offer an 80% guarantee, and in fact, many seed banks don’t offer any guarantees at all.

2. Crop King Seeds - Best Cannabis Seed Bank for Customer Support


  • Canadian Cannabis Awards winner

  • Sold in 170+ stores

  • 80%+ germination rate

  • 24/7 live chat support

  • Good prices


  • Fewer deals than ILGM

Reputation: 5/5

Crop King Seeds is a reputable Canadian seed bank that’s been around since 2005.

How reputable, you ask?

Well, they won the Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2017, and their seeds are sold in 170+ stores across the country.

Seed Selection: 5/5

Crop King Seeds also stocks the most popular strains like ILGM, except they also stock rare seed strains for a total of 500+ different varieties.

Of course, these include auto-flowering and feminized seeds, but also regular seeds for advanced growers who want to make their own breeds.

What’s the best strain?

Well, the “best” is subjective… but we really like Lambs Breath. Said to be Bob Marley’s favorite, this is a relatively mild strain (18% THC) that’s more energizing and cerebrally stimulating due to the 85% Sativa genetics.

Deals and Discounts: 4.5/5

Now, for the bad news - Crop King doesn’t offer as many deals as ILGM. They only offer free shipping over $200 and 10 free seeds over $420.

That said, they do have lower prices overall which make up for the lack of deals. They also offer a good 80% germination guarantee which is on par with other popular seed banks.

>> Get FREE seeds on bulk orders on Crop King <<

Final Thoughts

Crop King Seeds is one of the best seed banks in the world, with great genetics and a good selection of 500+ seeds.

Finally, this reputable seed bank is known for providing excellent customer support via its toll-free phone number or 24/7 live chat. So if you have any issues with your seeds (or if you just want recommendations), feel free to hit them up.

3. Seedsman - Best Seed Bank for Variety (4,400+ Weed Seeds)


  • Famous since 2002

  • 4,400+ cannabis strains

  • BOGO deals

  • 6 free seeds over $60

  • Good prices


  • No germination guarantee

Reputation: 5/5

Seedsman is just as reputable as Crop King and ILGM - with a little twist. Ever since it was founded in 2002, the company has been actively fighting for cannabis legalization around the world.

That, coupled with the fact that they were one of the first seed banks to sell auto-flowering seeds, has made them famous pretty quickly.

Seed Selection: 5/5

If you’re looking for a super rare seed that can’t be found anywhere…

Chances are that Seedsman has it.

With 4,400+ auto-flowering, feminized, and regular seeds available, the online seed bank stocks popular strains as well as rare seed strains.

Speaking about rare strains…

We recommend checking out Glue Gelato if you want something “exotic.” As the name suggests, this is a cross between Gorilla Glue and Gelato, which obviously makes it very potent.

It also has good 21oz yields and comes from the famous Barney’s Farm, so you can expect 90%+ germination rates and stable phenotypes.

Deals and Discounts: 4.8/5

Like ILGM, Seedsman offers a few Buy 5 Get 5 and Buy 10 Get 10 deals on specific strains or breeders.

Additionally, they offer 3 free seeds over $30 and 6 free seeds over $60, plus 10% OFF if you go big and spend $200 or more.

Want to save even more?

Consider paying with Bitcoin. This will allow you to get a nice 10% discount, plus your purchase will be completely anonymous, which is always useful.

>> Buy 5 seeds get 5 FREE on Seedsman <<

Final Thoughts

Besides a huge variety of premium seeds and great discounts, Seedsman is also a great place to go if you want to purchase from only famous breeders, such as Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, and FastBuds.

This will allow you to get very stable genetics and 90%+ germination rates overall.

4. Herbies Seeds - Free Marijuana Seeds with Every Order



  • Shipping isn’t free

Reputation: 4.8/5

While not as known as ILGM and Crop King, Herbies Seeds is still a 10-year veteran in the cannabis game.

Based in Spain, they’ve made their mark as one of the best seed banks in Europe, and they have 2,200+ reviews to show for it.

(They used to have more, but Trustpilot removed all cannabis seed banks from their website).

Seed Selection: 5/5

Herbies Seeds selection is just shy of Seedsman’s, with 3,000+ cannabis seeds for sale.

More importantly, Herbies Seeds makes it ridiculously easy to find the right strain for you because they provide all the important info (THC content, Sativa/Indica, etc.) at a glance.

Want a strong kick?

Try Grandmommy Purple. Just be warned - this isn’t your typical grandmother. With 33% THC, this lady will punch you hard. In fact, considering it’s an 80% Indica-dominant strain, it’s better suited for relaxing on the couch or in bed.

Deals and Discounts: 4.8/5

Besides frequent sales and discounts, the cannabis seed bank is known for giving out free seeds on each order (1 free seed for every $20 spent) and free gifts.

These gifts include rolling papers as well as a free grinder (over $60), a stash holder (over $80), and a glass pipe (over $120).

>> FREE gifts and FREE seeds from Herbies Seeds <<

Final Thoughts

Besides free gifts and high-quality marijuana seeds, we really appreciate Herbies Seeds transparency. They provide truthful information about each seed they sell, as well as genuine reviews.

For international customers, they also offer reasonable shipping times at a low price.

5. Seed Supreme - Best Weed Seed Bank in the United States


  • Based in the USA

  • 1,700+ seeds for sale

  • Interesting landrace strains

  • Free shipping over $90

  • Special holiday deals


  • Unclear germination guarantees

Reputation: 4.8/5

Based in San Diego, California, Seed Supreme is one of the very few cannabis seed banks in the USA.

This has helped them make a reputation for themselves as a safer choice since seeds are less likely to be confiscated by customs.

Seed Selection: 4.8/5

While the marijuana seed bank claims to have 4,000+ weed seeds for sale, the truth is that there are only 1,700+ available strains on average.

Of course, that’s still pretty good, and fortunately, these all come from reputable breeders.

Want an old-school Landrace strain?

If so, we recommend Barney’s Farm Acapulco Gold. a Sativa Cup winner, this creativity-boosting plant has good 20%+ THC content and 17oz yields on average.

Good to know: this strain is particularly pest- and disease-resistant, so you could grow it outdoors without worrying too much about it.

Deals and Discounts: 4.8/5

First of all, Seed Supreme offers free shipping. The threshold is a little bit higher than ILGM ($90), but still much more achievable than the standard $200 level.

Then, the cannabis seed bank has a few BOGO deals on select strains, as well as special sales for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.

Finally, they offer free marijuana seeds on each order. Of course, the more you buy cannabis seeds, the more extra seeds you get.

>> Get BOGO deals on select strains at Seed Supreme <<

Final Thoughts

Seed Supreme is one of the few US seed banks, which means there’s a lower chance of confiscation. Additionally, it allows them to provide super-fast US shipping, with an average 5- to 7-day delivery time.

6. MJ Seeds - Best Cannabis Seed Bank for High-CBD Seeds


  • 25% CBD seeds

  • Guaranteed germination

  • Founded in 2009

  • Discreet stealth shipping


  • $30 for tracking

Main Features: 4.6/5

If you're a marijuana enthusiast, MJ Seeds is the cannabis seed bank for you. This supplier of cannabis seeds has been in the business since 2009, and they know their stuff.

MJ Seeds offers various strains, including auto-flowering seeds, feminized, and fast strains. They also have a great selection of bulk deals to help you save some cash.

Their White Widow feminized strain is a cross between two pure landrace strains, which results in an Indica-leaning hybrid. It will give you the best of both worlds… boosting your energy while making you feel very relaxed.

Like other best seed banks online, MJ Seeds offers a germination guarantee. So if your seeds don't germinate, they'll send you replacements free of charge. They also have a ton of helpful resources on their website to help you grow the perfect crop.

Special Features

The main reason to pick MJ Seeds over other best online seed banks like ILGM and Crop King is for its good selection of 20+ high-CBD hemp seeds.

Among these, you can find strains like Cali Kush (20% CBD) and CB Diesel (25% CBD) that have the added advantage of being around 40% cheaper than standard cannabis seeds.

7. Seed City - Best Seed Bank for Cheap Marijuana Seeds for Sale


  • Cheap bulk seeds ($2/each)

  • 5,000+ strains

  • Giveaways & promotions

  • Win free cannabis seeds


  • The website is quite ugly

Main Features: 4.6/5

Seed City is a cannabis lover's dream. This online seed bank has over 5000 strains of high-quality marijuana seeds from the top breeders in the world.

Fortunately, they also have a very good seed selector to match that sheer number of options. You can filter by flowering time, height, THC content, and more.

Their Super Scoop strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a soaring THC content of 26%. Bred to please, this strain has a delicious chocolatey citrus flavor. It will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed.

Special Features

Seed City has a nice giveaways section on its website - you can enter to win free cannabis seeds simply by signing up. They’re also known for offering 30-50% discounts on hundreds of strains that vary often.

Additionally, they’ve been providing high-quality seeds at some of the best prices we've seen since 2010. (As low as $2/seed when you buy in bulk)

8. Mary Jane's Garden - Weed Seeds for Sale Straight From the Source


  • Growing guides

  • Grow their own cannabis seeds

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Reasonable prices


  • Few promotions & deals

  • Nothing too special

Main Features: 4.6/5

Mary Jane's Garden is the go-to spot for “straight from the source” cannabis seeds. This cannabis seed bank is based in Canada, and they supply high-quality seeds to customers all over the world.

They offer indoor and outdoor seeds, medicinal strains, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, and male and female seeds. Their bestseller, Blueberry Diesel, has a sweet blueberry flavor mixed with hints of citrus and pepper. It's an uplifting high that will get your brain buzzing.

Special Features

What we like about Mary Jane's Garden is that they offer a vast range of growing guides to help you get the most out of your high-quality cannabis seeds. They have everything from beginner guides to tutorials for more advanced growers.

Although, to be really honest, we don’t see many reasons to choose them over a better seed bank like ILGM.

9. Beaver Seeds - Good Payment Options for Buying Marijuana Seeds


  • Many payment types

  • Affordable prices

  • Stealth packaging

  • Bitcoin accepted


  • Somewhat small selection

  • No deals

Main Features: 4.5/5

Founded in 2009, this Canadian seed bank is all about providing its customers with the best possible experience when buying quality cannabis seeds online.

Offering everything from high CBD seeds to regular seeds and everything in between, Beaver Seeds curates a collection of the world's finest cannabis strains.

The highly popular Gorilla Glue is a hybrid marijuana strain that packs quite the punch. With an average THC level of 24% to 28%, this potent pot isn't something you play with… it'll have you glued to your seat!

You know, in a good way.

Special Features

We like that Beaver Seeds offers a variety of payment types, making it easy to take advantage of their low prices. You can pay with Bitcoin, credit card, or even cash.

They also offer a wide range of stealth packaging options, so your cannabis seeds should make it to their final destination.

Of course, ILGM still offers all that and more, so it’s a better option, in our opinion. But the choice is yours.

10. Quebec Cannabis Seeds - Best Marijuana Seed Bank for Fast Shipping


  • 80% germination guarantee

  • Limited edition seeds

  • Stealth shipping

  • Ships within 24 hours


  • Shipping is only free over $200

Main Features: 4.7/5

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a great Canadian alternative to Crop King.

Based in Vancouver, this is one of the best seed banks dedicated to providing quality strains and seeds to customers.

In particular, we love their limited-edition Pink Berry feminized seeds. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a manageable 19% THC, whose sweet and sour strain is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

They also offer a germination guarantee of 80%. With an impressive collection of rare and unique strains, you're likely to find something special for your next grow.

Special Features

What makes Quebec Cannabis Seeds unique is its commitment to shipping orders within just 24 hours. This is the fastest turnaround time we've seen.

If you need your cannabis seeds ASAP, Quebec Cannabis Seeds is the place to go.

11. SunWest Genetics - Among the Best Seed Banks Online


  • 500+ weed seeds for sale

  • Guaranteed germination

  • Excellent genetics


  • No discounts

  • Nothing special

Main Features: 4.4/5

Sunwest Genetics is on a mission to sell cannabis seeds with the best possible genetics. Quality control is their utmost priority, so you can be sure that each and every seed is up to par.

This seed bank is home to over 500 strains, making it among the best online seed banks in terms of variety. More importantly, their selection of feminized and auto-flowering seeds boasts some of the industry's best genes.

Our favorite strain is the Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds. This Indica-dominant hybrid is known for its delicious cookie flavor. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing, these high-quality cannabis seeds are sure to please.

While Sunwest Genetics doesn't offer any discounts, they do offer guaranteed germination. If your cannabis seeds don't germinate, they'll send you replacements.

Special Features

To be honest, SunWest Genetics doesn’t offer anything particularly special. They’re a pretty good seed bank, but we think ILGM is just better in all aspects.

6 Things to Know Before You Buy Weed Seeds Online

Here are a few things to consider before buying marijuana seeds online.

1. Look for high germination rates & guarantees

High germination rates mean most of the seeds will grow into healthy plants. Many reputable seed banks also offer germination guarantees to refund your purchase if a certain percentage of your pot seeds don't germinate.

This is an essential factor because a high germination rate means you're more likely to get a good yield from your grow. The best seed banks online offer guarantees because they’re confident that you’ll see strong cannabis plants from their seeds.

It’s always nice to have a guarantee!

2. Check for accurate strain information

Do they know their Gelato from their White Widow?

It's vital to find cannabis seed banks that provide accurate strain information. The best seed banks will include information on the THC and CBD content and the Indica/Sativa ratio.

This information is crucial in helping you choose the right strain for your needs.

3. Positive customer reviews are always a good thing

When you're looking for a quality seed bank, positive customer reviews should be one of your primary indicators. Look for online cannabis seed banks that have been vetted by other growers and have a good reputation.

Third-party forums like Reddit, ResellerRatings, and TrustPilot are great - don’t trust the company’s own testimonials… they’re obviously biased.

Reputable seed banks will also have a customer service team that is responsive and helpful. Reviews should indicate that the team is knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help their customers.

4. Check for seed banks that ship discreetly (“stealth shipping”)

Shipping is a huge factor when you buy cannabis seeds online. The most reputable seed banks that ship to the US and worldwide do so discreetly to ensure your seeds arrive safely and on time.

Stealth is key when it comes to shipping cannabis seeds, so look for banks that use discreet packaging or “stealth shipping.”

You don’t want your seeds confiscated by customs!

Discreet shipping is when your marijuana seeds are hidden inside everyday objects such as DVD cases, birthday cards, and cheap children’s toys.

Some cannabis seed banks may also offer “guaranteed delivery,” where they will refund you or send you free seeds if your previous order is confiscated in the mail.

5. Does this company offer advice and help?

The best cannabis seed banks like I Love Growing Marijuana will offer helpful guides and resources to help you grow your plants successfully.

Look for banks that provide step-by-step guides, how-to videos, and troubleshooting tips. It’s good to feel that they care about your success in growing cannabis plants.

6. How can you pay? Do they accept bitcoin and major credit cards?

Many seed banks online offer accessible payment options when paying for your seeds. Look for places that accept major credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Many growers like to pay in Bitcoin or Cash because it’s hard to trace it back to you.

You should also consider online seed banks that offer discounts for bulk seed orders. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Should You Buy Autoflowering, Regular, or Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

1. Decide on your desired effects

Before buying marijuana seeds, you need to decide what effects you want from your own plant.

Do you want a strain that will help you relax and de-stress? Or do you want a strain that will give you a creative boost?

Are you into sweet, earthy flavors? Or do you prefer strains that taste like citrus or pine? It's essential to buy a strain that you will enjoy.

There are thousands of different cannabis strains on the market, and each one provides its own unique effects. Do some research to figure out the best cannabis seeds for you.

2. Consider your level of weed-growing experience

If you're a first-time grower, it's crucial to buy easy-to-grow cannabis seeds. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great option for beginners, as they don't require a lot of experience or knowledge to grow.

On the other hand, if you're an experienced grower, you may want to buy feminized seeds or regular seeds that are more challenging to grow. These strains often have higher THC levels and can be more challenging to cultivate.

Most online seed banks to buy from will stock your strain of choice in multiple seed types.

3. Think about your grow space

Before buying cannabis seeds, you need to think about your grow space. Indoor growers will have different needs than outdoor growers. So make sure you purchase well-suited seeds for your particular grow space.

For example, if you're growing marijuana indoors, you'll want to buy marijuana seeds that don't get too big. If you're growing marijuana outdoors, buy high-quality weed seeds resistant to pests and diseases.

Don’t forget to take your climate into account too!

4. Check the THC and CBD levels

Not all cannabis strains are created equal. For example, some of the best cannabis seeds have high THC levels, while others have high CBD levels.

If you're looking for a strain with potent psychoactive effects, buy seeds with high THC levels. If you're looking for a strain with medicinal properties, buy seeds with high CBD levels.

5. Consider a strain’s unique growing needs

Some cannabis strains have unique growing needs. This could mean that the plant needs a lot of light or that the plant is more difficult to grow.

Do your research and make sure you buy a strain that you're able to grow easily.

Finding Cannabis Seeds for Sale Online - FAQ

How Can I Start Growing Marijuana Plants?

You can start growing marijuana plants by buying fresh cannabis seeds that are well-suited for your grow space and growing skill level. Always buy from a reputable seed bank like I Love Growing Marijuana. ILGM offers a wide variety of strains and resources to help you get started.

What Are the Highest-Yielding Cannabis Strains?

The highest-yielding cannabis strains are typically Indica strains. These plants are pretty compact, but they produce a lot of buds.

Popular Indica strains include:

  • Northern Lights

  • Grandaddy Purple

  • Blueberry

  • Hindu Kush

  • Afghan Kush

  • Blue Gelato

  • Blue Cheese

Check your seed bank and look for strains that are heavily Indica-dominant.

How Many Cannabis Seeds Can I Grow at a Time?

It's best to stick to one cannabis seed per pot to ensure high germination rates. However, if you decide to plant multiple seeds in one pot, make sure to remove the weaker plants once they germinate.

This will help ensure that the more robust plants survive.

How Do Autoflowering Seeds Compare to Feminized Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are an excellent option for beginners, as they don't require a lot of experience or knowledge to grow. However, feminized marijuana seeds are better suited for experienced growers.

Choose seeds based on your experience level.

What's the Difference Between Regular and Medical Cannabis Seeds?

Medical marijuana seeds are designed to produce plants with high CBD levels. This means they have potential pain-relieving effects but no psychedelic effects.

On the other hand, regular marijuana seeds are designed to produce plants with high THC levels. This makes them suitable for recreational use.

Is It Safe To Buy Weed Seeds Online?

It is generally safe to buy weed seeds online if you’re buying weed seeds from online seed banks that use discreet “stealth shipping” procedures to hide your seeds in the mail. Paying with cash or Bitcoin also makes it hard to trace the weed order back to you, so look for sellers with these payment options.

You don’t want to be nervous after ordering your seeds!

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in the US?

Yes, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds online in the US if you live in a state where cannabis is decriminalized. However, cannabis seeds are still federally illegal, which means there’s still a chance they’ll get confiscated.

To prevent this, we recommend going for marijuana seed banks that offer stealth shipping, such as ILGM.

What Seed Banks Ship to the USA?

ILGM and Crop King Seeds are but a few seed banks that ship to the USA. While other online seed banks on our list also ship to the USA, these 2 are considered better for fast, guaranteed shipping and great genetics.

Can You Tell If a Cannabis Seed is Male or Female?

No, you can’t tell if a cannabis seed is male or female. Indeed, you’ll have to wait until your male and female seeds have grown into plants to know for sure.

The Takeaway - Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, there are many things to consider. First, make sure you buy from reputable seed banks and choose the right strain for your needs.

For example, I Love Growing Marijuana has been a trusted source of quality marijuana seeds for over 10 years. They offer high-quality strains with 1000s of reviews, free shipping, and a hard-to-beat 100% germination guarantee.

On the other hand, if you're looking for the best customer service in the industry, Crop King Seeds is a good choice. (Especially if you live in Canada)

Whether you're a newb grower or an OG, there's a seed bank out there that's got everything you need to get growing.

Do your research, check our top picks, and find the ultimate source for your own marijuana plants.

Good luck!