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5 Best Research Paper Writing Services: Top Companies in the U.S.

Hands up if you hate writing college papers. All of you, right? Well, we don't blame you. Producing a research paper is mind-numbingly dull. Not to mention that if you are a student, your instructors have a habit of overloading you with work. This means you may not have enough time to write a research paper, even if you want to.

On this page, we have reviewed and ranked some of the best research paper services in the world. Each of the five services that we discuss on this page has managed to prove its worth in the paper writing scene.

Use one of these services, and you could be looking forward to a professionally-written article that increases your GPA. That paper will be delivered blisteringly fast too, which can give you peace of mind if you have worked out that you have a paper due perhaps a little bit too late.

Now, we have rambled long enough. Let's jump right into those reviews of the top research paper writing companies in the U.S., shall we?

  1. PaperHelp: The Best Research Paper Writing Service Overall

PaperHelp has been in the research paper writing business for over a decade. This company is good at what it does. You have to be if you have been around for that long.

Not only have we had a tremendous experience with PaperHelp, but so have thousands upon thousands of other students. This is why we placed it right at the top of our list.

PaperHelp is by far one of the largest companies in the academic writing scene. It has countless staff on its team. This means that there is a far stronger chance of you being able to find the perfect writer for your research paper. Even the most niche subjects seem to be catered for by PaperHelp.

One of the things that we love about this platform is the rigorous checks it carries out before it hires anybody for its service.

PaperHelp runs the paper writers through countless writing checks, as well as checks their qualifications. This means that you can be sure that you will always have somebody knowledgeable writing that paper for you.

You don't even need to have a whole paper written by PaperHelp. It can also help to edit or proofread anything that you have already written.


  • Great writing team, the best research paper writers online

  • Affordable prices for college students

  • Any research paper format available

  • Native English speakers

  • Fast delivery


  • Extra costs for essential add-ons

  • Free revisions are limited

  1. SpeedyPaper: Best for Limited Budget

Now, we know that the company's name indicates that it is fast (which is really true). However, we didn’t include it on this list of the best research paper writing services for its speed. It was for the fact that SpeedyPaper can do everything on a budget.

SpeedyPaper has multiple pricing levels for their academic writing services. The more you pay, the better the college paper writer you end up with.

If you pay at the lower end of the scale, then chances are that you will end up with a research paper helper that doesn't have English as their first language. If you pay at the upper end, then you will end up with a native English speaker.

However, don't think you are getting poor quality at the lower end of the scale. While you may need to do a few edits here and there, SpeedyPaper still goes to lengths to ensure that the people who write your research paper are qualified. Perhaps not to the same lengths that other companies do, but SpeedyPaper still doesn’t hire anybody and everybody.

If you opt for the lower end of the pricing spectrum, this site will be great for those who are more than happy to carry out a few edits of their work. However, you need to expect that you will not be delivered something in its completed state.

If you pay more cash (i.e., opt for an American research paper writer), then you get something better. Something which you can hand in with very few, if any, edits.


  • The good pricing range for their services

  • Professional paper writers

  • 24/7 customer support team

  • High-quality research paper assistance


  • Delivery can be slow at the upper end of the price range

  1. WritePaperForMe: The Lowest Price

If you are price-sensitive, then WritePaperForMe will probably be your best option. This company isn’t producing research papers that completely blow your mind, but it will certainly be able to produce something you can work with.

WritePaperForMe tends to be the preferred term paper writing service for those that want a basic structure to their work. It is for those that may not like doing the initial research or the formatting.

It is ideal for those who may find that they are somewhat bereft of ideas regarding the writing process. Remember, as much as education relies on research paper writing, many people just don't gel with it.

When you order something from WritePaperForMe, you know you are getting something cheap. You know that you are not going to be getting the final project. You are getting something that you can edit up to your liking.

We know that WritePapertForMe may not be for everybody. Some people want a service that can produce work they can hand in right away. If you want that, then don't look here. But, on the other hand, if you want something that will cost $9 a page with discounts for regular clients, then it is great.


  • Hundreds of professional research paper writers are available

  • One of the cheapest services that still offers quality

  • Unlimited revisions within ten days of delivery.

  • Fast research paper help


  • Not native-English writers

  1. GradeMiners: The Fastest Delivery

This is another one of those long-established platforms. GradeMiners is up there at the top of one of the longest-running research paper writing services online.

Where GradeMiners shines is the speed of their deliveries. It has a lot of writers working for the company, and we mean a lot of them. This means that research papers that are not overly complicated can be delivered in as little as six hours. Yep. You could place your order before you go to bed and then wake up with something that is fairly well-written.

There is one caveat here, though. To keep their low prices and their fast deliveries, the vast majority of writers that work for GradeMiners are not native English writers, although their qualifications have been checked.

So, once again, this means that you likely will end up with something well-researched, but it may not be the finest piece of work you have ever read. Although, when you have something produced fast and to a budget, what else did you expect?


  • The fastest research paper writing help available

  • A huge team of writers

  • Easy ordering process

  • Free originality report


  • Customer support can be tough to reach

  • More expensive than other services

  1. EssayPro: Best For College Research Papers

With the services that we mentioned before, you are normally matched up with the best paper writer for your paper by the system. You have no say in the decision. This is great for speed, but it may not necessarily be that great if you want something awesome. EssayPro goes down a different route.

When you place an order through EssayPro, you can choose your professional writer yourself. You will give details of what you are after, and their writers will bid on your project.

These bids start to roll in within a few minutes of that order being placed. You can then review these bids and determine which writer may be right for you. You can try and get the perfect balance between cost and writing ability.

EssayPro produces some of the best term papers at the college level, although it probably isn't cheap. However, the competing writers do help to bring the cost of quality writing down a little bit.


  • Unlimited revisions

  • Choose your professional research paper writer

  • Easy ordering process

  • Bid-based system


  • Delivery speed is on the slower side

  • Not always perfect writing

How We Selected These Services

It will take no more than a simple Google search to find out that there are a lot of sites that provide paper writing services in this country. Hundreds of them. It seems that a lot of companies want a slice of that pie.

Of course, the vast majority of these companies will be awful. You don't want to use those awful companies. Chances are that you have neither the time nor the funds to hire multiple services. Luckily, you won't have to.

We have selected the best services by judging each place against specific criteria. If a site doesn't meet these criteria, it cannot make it to this list. So even the sites that did reach the tough criteria had to be culled somehow.

We only want to tell you of the best of the best. Anyway, here are the things that we took into consideration.

Customer Reviews

When most other people review the best research paper writing services in the U.S., they only look at their own experience. They order a custom paper, and if they like what they see, they throw out a good review. We aren't like that. This is because we understand that a single experience isn't representative of a company.

All of the custom research paper writing companies will have multiple subjects covered. In addition, they will have multiple writers on their team. This means that the experience is going to be different for everybody.

The hallmark of a good research paper writing service is that it can deliver consistent results to countless customers. So, while our personal experience was considered when we put together this list, we also dove into countless reviews from other customers.

This helped to shape our impression of a site. If we had a good experience, but countless other people didn't have a good experience, then the site wouldn't make our list. Simple. 

Service Cost

Let's face it. Students don't have a whole lot of cash. Whether you are looking for a High School research paper or a University-level research paper, you probably don't have a huge amount of money to splash on the service. This is why the cost was particularly important to us when ranking websites.

The cost was something rather tricky for us to consider. This is because we understand that while people want the service to be as cheap as possible, it can't be too cheap. The cheaper you go, the lower the quality of work. So, don't expect to see anything drastically cheap on this list.

We couldn't in good conscience include the cheapest services online because we know that you would end up with something awful, which is the last thing you want when you buy research papers online and you are somewhat pressed for time.

Quality of Academic Papers and Research Paper Writers

All good research paper services will have samples on their website. By reading these samples (and the reviews from other writers), there was enough information to decide how good the team behind the site was.

We only included sites that have professional writers available. This means experts that have been hand-selected by the platform. The best sites only employ people with qualifications at the academic level in which you need your research paper.

For instance, if you need a research paper for a college course, it would only be written by somebody who has completed a similar college course.

We know that some subjects are incredibly niche. This is why we have steered towards some sites with the most writers available. This way, you have a much better chance of finding a writer perfectly suited to the research paper you need to have.

Customer Service

If you work with a good research paper service, you will barely ever need to get in touch with customer support. However, it is still nice to know they are there should you need them.

A good customer support team will help you with any issues you may encounter. For instance, if your research paper hasn't been written to the standard you need.

We have only selected sites with good guarantees in place and responsive customer support.

Speed of Delivery

Again, this part was a balancing act for us.

It is all well and good being able to have a research paper delivered in a matter of hours, but that doesn't mean that it is good. On the contrary, the quicker something is produced, the worse it tends to be.

On the other hand, you don't want it to be too slow. Most of you will have strict deadlines that need to be met.

Therefore, we have chosen sites that are neither too long when it comes to deliveries nor too short. Just like Goldilocks, they are "just right." These sites have managed to get the balance of speed and quality perfect.

Of course, if you are looking for a delivery that is a bit on the zippier side, we have included an option for you. However, you may need to consider whether you want to go down that route.

Ease of Ordering

Finally, you want that process to be easy. We love quick forms that ask very few questions but still find you the perfect research paper writer.

We don't necessarily require that a site allows you to choose your essay writer (we understand that this is not always feasible). Still, the site should be asking enough important questions to get you a writer matching the subject area and the level of work that needs to be produced.

Most of the sites on this page have a straightforward ordering process. Most will even allow you to order from your mobile device.

Are These Research Paper Writing Services Legit?

While we are positive that there are non-legit writing services for custom research papers out there, we can assure you that they are not included on this list.

We went to great lengths to do in-depth research on each and every one of the five writing services that we have included here. We know that nobody reading this article has the time and cash to mess around with scammy services.

They want to be confident they will get something usable for their money, and we can assure you that this is exactly what you will be getting with the research paper & essay writing services listed on this page.

All of the services on this page are safe to use. If you stick to our list, then we are confident that you will end up with a great academic paper that you can use for your studies.

Concerned About Writing Quality?

We admit that there is a huge difference in quality with the services on this page. We understand that not everybody can afford the best quality writing services. We have tried to get the right blend between quality and price.

However, you should never be concerned about the quality of writing that you are getting with any of the five best research paper writing services that we have highlighted. This is because every one of these websites has a tough recruitment process.

Some sites are tougher than others, but none allow any old writer to just show up and start writing stuff. Any writer who isn't up to scratch will be kicked off the team pretty quick.

Are All Subjects Covered?

In most cases, yes. However, you do need to understand that you will probably have a tougher time finding a quality writer if your subject is rather niche. However, all of the sites we have included on this list have many writers available (hundreds, sometimes thousands of writers).

So, even if there is not somebody with the same qualifications you are aiming for, they will likely have somebody that is pretty close. 

Is It Safe To Use These Research Paper Writing Services?

Yes. We have only included sites that will produce work from scratch, i.e., something that will pass any plagiarism check. This means nobody will know you have used a college research paper writing service.

Remember, even if you end up with something plagiarism-free and produced to a high standard, you are always encouraged to carry out your edits. This is because your tutors know you. They know your writing style.

If something is a little bit off, they may know you have used a writing service. This isn't the fault of the writing service, though. They can only do so much on this front.

All of these sites go to huge lengths to ensure that their customer's data is protected too. This means that nobody is going to be able to find out your identity and use it for nefarious purposes later on down the line.


If you stick to our list of the five best term paper writing services, we are confident that you will end up with a paper that you will be more than happy with.

Whether you are on a budget or looking to pay for the best writing, there is a company on this page that will suit your needs.

We suggest you go through each site and look at their samples/price structure. This way, you will get more of an idea about which site is the right one. Once you have chosen, then place your order. The quicker you do, the quicker you end up with your paper.

Pittsburgh City Paper does not endorse, or practice services described in paid content.