6 Best Essay Writing Services to Pay for Essay

I thought I would never pay for essay writing. Paid essay writing seemed inaccurate, illiterate, and barely logical. Yet, I wasn’t even a senior when I started paying experts who write essays (and helping others order essays and research).

At the nearly last moment before a mental breakdown, I thought I would pay for papers and not even care if I got caught. I even thought that if professors asked me if I cheated, I would say, “Yes, I pay for essay writing; now please kick me out,” and be chill. Spoiler: I wasn’t kicked out and graduated. Spoiler #2: students can get nice legit papers when they pay to write essay. So, here is the list of sites you can use to pay for college papers and unload your studying. 

  1. Paper Help — Best for an Essay of Any Kind 

  2. Cheap Paper Writing — Best to Pay for Essay for Cheap Weekly

  3. Evolution Writers — Best to Pay for a Research Paper

  4. My Admission Essay — Best Paid Essay Writers for Admission Papers 

  5. Expert Writing — Best for Long-Deadline Tasks 

  6. Ace My Paper — Best for Term Papers 

Essay website 

Why best 



Paper Help 🥇

That is the 10/10 option, regardless of your task. You can pay for research paper writing, then order three essays urgently, solve HW, and still save money. Many students use this site to pay to do essays weekly and even daily. 

Essays, HW, Term Papers, Coursework, Thesis, and other academic help forms. Also, editing and proofreading are available. 

Minimum $12 

Cheap Paper Writing 💖

That was my fav when I had to pay for college papers. The site is versatile and helpful. That is also a nice option to pay for paper writing. Still, I used it regularly for small papers like argumentative and descriptive essays. 

Essay, assignment help, HW (including exact sciences), coursework, term paper, editing, etc. 

Minimum $12 

Evolution Writers 👍

Logic is their main strength. This service is the #1 when your task requires fact-checking, deep analysis, and evidence-finding. Their starting price for content is a bit lower. 

Research papers, term papers, regular essays, and other assistance forms.

Minimum $11 

My Admission Essay 👩‍🏫

  • Versatile 

  • Amazing admission papers 

  • One of the cheapest services to pay for essays

  • It is good as an urgent writing service

Essays for sale, essay typing, research writing, assignments, HW help, statements, etc. 

Minimum $11

Expert Writing 🎓

  • Cheap content 

  • Author diversity 

  • Good discounts 

  • Versatility 

Essay, coursework, reviews, analytical academic papers, and other academic tasks. 

Minimum $10 

Ace My Paper 👔

  • 2X anti-plagiarism protection 

  • Great for Medical academic writing 

  • Perfect for term paper writing 

  • Explanations of all solutions 

  • More flexible pricing 

Essays, assignments, research papers, HW, editing, etc. 

Minimum $5.85 for 100 words 

Pay to Get an Essay Written: But Pay Who?

Technically, students pay for essay and get a result. Yet, their result depends on whom they deposit money greatly. So, here is what to pinpoint when you plan to pay to write essay for you. 

  • Writing speed. A reliable essay writing service never delays your task and finds enough time to complete it 100%. If you give them three hours, they must give you an original, literate, and checked paper in those three hours. 

  • 0% copied content. Even a cheap writing service to pay for essay has no right to copy and paste a phrase. The only case when writers can paste a phrase is a citation. They must make references to it, however. 

  • Confidentiality. DO NOT let a website have your details if there is no SSL. You will have to give them some info because the system must identify you but please ensure the site uses encryption and writers have no access to your data. 

  • Literacy. Period dot because that is axiomatic. 

  • It must be cheap or at least affordable. Essay writing might be challenging for students, but it is not challenging for writers anymore. Do not fall for sites that demand more than $15 per page for basic academic levels. 

  • Guarantees and loyalty programs. First and foremost, there must be documents that ensure your safety as a customer. Second, writing must become cheaper when you often buy essays. 

  • Free revisions. Students must have at least three days to order a revision. As a rule, the best and most reliable paper writing websites let you order a revision in 10–14 days. 

Top Options to Pay to Do Essay Papers

This list features the best writing websites that connect college essay writers for pay with students. Those are among the most affordable options to pay to get an essay written, but they do not compromise quality. So, the list unfolds! 

1. Paper Help — Best for an Essay of Any Kind

Alt: PaperHelp is the #1 no matter what academic challenge makes you nervous 

Distinctive facts

  • PaperHelp is one of the oldest college paper writing services 

  • It mostly has ENL writers but lets students hire ESL ones if they are more comfortable with that 

  • This one essay service can carry you through all years 

  • Provides writing from scratch and technical essay help like editing and typing 

  • Revisions are free, but TBH you do not need them

  • It can be a good option for emergencies 

  • The #1 for weekly usage

  • Has a loyalty program that might cut the 20% of total prices 

My experience

I used PaperHelp weekly for small essays and resembling tasks I did not want to waste my time on. Also, I asked for HW help often. As a result, I ordered around 25 papers, and none of them needed a revision. My experience says students can get literate, wisely structured, fully done, and original papers here. 

I have not experienced any issues. So, I do not know if their support is good or bad because I have never needed their assistance. The website is transparent and user-friendly. Order placement takes around two minutes. 

The two major weaknesses of this site are 

  • You have to pay for essay papers first and give them proof. If you neglect that necessity, your writer will not start. It might be scary to pay for an essay online upfront, but I can see why that has become an obligatory procedure. [I suppose some students claimed essays without paying for them, which led to the site owners demanding payment first]. 

  • Discounts. Not like they are non-existent, but they could be better. You get good and price-changing discounts only after the fifth usage. Still, the site remains affordable even without discounts. 

Nevertheless, those two negatives have no weight to erase the positives. PaperHelp is still the best option, regardless of what you are loaded with. I would choose it immediately if I were in my second year again. 

2. Cheap Paper Writing — Best to Pay for Essay for Cheap Weekly

Alt: CheapPaperWriting is another best option, especially when you want to save money 

Distinctive facts

  • It gives you free stuff 

  • Many discounts 

  • You can pay for an essay online weekly here and still save 

  • Your paid essay writer gives you updates or stays silent — you decide 

  • It is very versatile; hence, you can pay to do assignments, HW, and other tasks

  • A ton of reviews about CheapPaperWriting 

  • It covers more than 70 disciplines! 

  • As a rule, they send your paper earlier 

  • That is an optimal choice for university students. 

My experience

Even though I appreciate PaperHelp, CheapPaper will be the #1 for me. I read various students’ reviews about this option and googled extra because it seemed too sugary. But now I know this site deserves all that praise and even more. 

First, it lets you save on technical components. My friends had to pay around $5–10 for references and title pages, but I had all that for free because this site charges for content only. 

When I was getting my Master’s, CheapPaperWriting was my only choice because it remained affordable even though I “ascended.” Also, I ordered various physics and chemistry papers for my sister, who never complained (well, she got good results). I also want to highlight how this academic service you pay to write essay supports students. They do not merely give you a paper and delete you from the system! Instead, they TEACH you and give you templates and links to books you can use later. 

Of course, there are drawbacks; just, I can’t see any. Well, I needed revisions two times. One of them was a test, and the second one was because of a literacy problem. I could have corrected them myself, but I still wanted another test. It took them two minutes, and I got the best result. 

3. Evolution Writers — Best to Pay for a Research Paper

Alt: EvolutionWriters is the best when you pay for writing papers that require analysis 

Distinctive facts

  • Your paid essay writer has a Master’s degree (most likely)

  • An optimal option is to pay to do assignments monthly 

  • It will be good as an urgent service to pay for essay

  • Not the cheapest paper writing service, but still affordable 

My Experience

Any college essay writer for pay here can do more than it seems. They might get a bit sloppy with typos and let a grammar mistake slip, but their fact-checking and analysis outweigh that small negative. I used it to pay to write a research paper for me and a couple of friends, and we were 99% satisfied with its assistance. 

Your college essay writer for pay from EvolutionWriters is most likely to have a Master’s degree (and be very busy). They work fast and manage to write 100% original papers with profound conclusions. Although, note that it might become pricier to pay for papers here. Their prices are still optimal, but you might spend an extra $5 you can save using another site. Still, another site might not give you what you want. 

The tactic here is to pay for essay paper and re-read what you get. There should not be many grammar/typo problems, but it is advisable to ask them for corrections. Still, that is a solid 9/10. 

4. My Admission Essay — Best Paid Essay Writers for Admission Papers

Alt: MyAdmissionEssay is the #1 to pay people to write essays for admission 

If you are three steps away from enrolling and have to write admission papers, MyAdmissionEssay is better than everything I have mentioned. I used it for others and received amazing admission essays. If I were a professor at that moment, I would pinpoint those papers in no time. 

Even though admission tasks are the main focus here, this site is still good when you want to pay for college essay papers regularly. Its content price is lower, and you still get some free perks. So, I will recap strengths and weaknesses briefly: 

We appreciated 

We didn’t like

  • Flexible deadlines that make prices lower 

  • The system works flawlessly, and it is easy to pay to have a paper written

  • Stunning admission papers 

  • A-worthy regular essays and assignments 

  • Personalized approach and character in all papers.

  • Prices for emergencies…

  • Two research papers out of eight were a bit bland (they still worked, but we expected more conciseness and expressions of genuine interest in the topic).

5. Expert Writing — Best for Long-Deadline Tasks

Alt: ExpertWriting is amazing if you want to pay for paper assignments long in advance 

That is another essay website I used to help others because they were scared to order. Paying for a research paper here is a wise choice, but regular assignments are good too. Moreover, this website becomes cheaper than many other options when you give specialists the longest deadlines. So, students can pay for essays written in two weeks and make them cost like a sushi party platter. So, here are the strengths and weaknesses in the table.

We appreciated 

We didn’t like 

  • Fast and comprehensive help 

  • A good discount 

  • Transparent guarantees 

  • Free samples.

  • Even though there are free samples, the number of them is limited. We needed one for Literature, and there just was not any. 

6. Ace My Paper — Best for Term Papers

Alt: AceMyPaper is another great custom essay writing website, especially for term papers 

That is a good last minute essay writing service for term papers and other projects that might influence your result. Essay writers you pay for papers have shown literacy, conclusion accuracy, and great descriptive work. Their concept explanation never needed enhancement when I ordered anything for others. Plus, they work with complex topics like abortion, debatable historical events, and other things that require deep research and profound interpretation. 


We appreciated 

We didn’t like 

  • Interesting thoughts and unique interpretations 

  • Presentations with cool visuals and animations 

  • Sharp logic and concise conclusions

  • X2 plagiarism protection 

  • The absence of free samples. 


How to pay for essay?

As a rule, that procedure is standard. Students must fill out the form and mention essay type, number of words/pages, and other details. Then merely use the credit card power to pay, and the writer starts improving your performance. 

Is paying for a research paper cheating?

Colleges and universities say yes, making students fear unloading their study load. I, personally, do not consider that cheating now. I used to, however. Objectively, when you use those papers as templates, you are not cheating. If you claim that paper and submit it without alterations, then yes. Bu-u-ut, as long as you are cautious, no one will notice you “cheat” or whatever. 

Do authors who write essays have degrees?

They must. All the mentioned services that hire authors who write essays for you ensure that your helper has documents proving their degree. Of course, I cannot say the same thing about other essay services. 

Why must you first pay for essay written for you?

I suppose that is because some students order papers, get them, and leave without making a payment. Plus, we are in the market. You cannot buy a coke at a grocery store, drink it at home and pay for it the next day. There might be other reasons, too. 

Can a service you pay to writ essay plagiarize?

Yes, it can. The mentioned ones do not do that, though, because they work officially and are under supervision like any other legit business. But you might encounter a plagiarism problem if you order a paper at a random cheap site. 

Final Words

An idea to pay to write essay was one of my best ideas. I would pay to do my essay for me again if I were a student. No regrets, zero seconds of wasted time, and no overworking — that is how college/university life must be. And I hope you do not neglect your needs like I used to!

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