Pittsburgh Song Spotlight: New music from Zack Keim, F3ralcat, and more

click to enlarge Zack Keim standing in a striped shirt and holding a guitar.
Photo: Zian Meng
Zack Keim

F3ralcat - "Late Night Vibing"

This song is the epitome of smooth. It's the perfect track for, as the title suggests, late-night vibing in the car or just in your room. Pairing the dulcet tones of the sax with the sweetness of a flute was a genius move. The wordlessness of the track really lets you get lost in the melody. 10/10, no notes. "Late Night Vibing" comes off a new EP from F3ralcat called Waiting for Waifu II, now available for purchase and streaming.

Zack Keim - "Canyon"

Keim's voice is unique and pitched up in this jaunty track that seems like it should be laid over a road trip montage. It's got a vintage rock feel and is full of blazing instrumentation, including a harmonica toward the end. "Canyon" is an impressive show for Keim as someone in the midst of a redefining moment.

Pharah Phitted - "Regular"

"Regular" reminds me of a bygone era of hip hop and R&B. The vocals, paired with Pharah Phitted's rapping, recall the '90s. This one is a dancefloor bop, perfect for dancing in the summer heat. Whether you're alone in your room or out in public, this song is sure to light up your day.