Tull Family Theater dares viewers to take the Nope Challenge

click to enlarge Tull Family Theater dares viewers to take the Nope Challenge
Photo: Universal Pictures
There was a time when going to the movies was an experience. For horror lovers, that included being tempted by gimmicky promotions for movies billed as too terrifying to watch. Director William Castle often used this method to push his movies, even going as far as creating liability waivers or offering monetary compensation if an audience member died of fright.

Tull Family Theater will draw on this era with a new promotion for a big upcoming horror movie.

The Tull announced its Nope Challenge ahead of the anticipated Fri., July 22 release of writer/director Jordan Peele's latest film. The challenge is described in a press release as "geared to audiences who may be reticent about trying new cinematic genres," or, more specifically, “for the person who thinks they don’t like horror movies.”

The Nope Challenge offers a free movie voucher to anyone who leaves the show in the first 30 minutes. The voucher will be valid for any other summer movie playing at the Tull.

"It's the first time we're doing this sort of offer to encourage people to try an 'out-of-the-box-for them' genre and see why there's such buzz around Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele," says Tull's director of communications and education, Dr. Karen Ferrick-Roman, in an email.

A synopsis from Universal Pictures describes Nope as an "expansive horror epic" starring Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya (of Peele's first big hit Get Out) as sibling horse ranchers who, along with the fellow residents in a "lonely gulch of inland California," witness a strange, otherworldly presence. The film has already received early praise on social media, with critics calling it a "trippy, terrifying sci-fi Western" and a "monster mash with great performances."

“We want to encourage audiences to expand their cinematic palates,” says Tull CEO Carolina Pais-Barreto Thor. “We hope they take the challenge and — at a minimum — enjoy the thrill of trying something new.”

Nope. Opens Fri., July 22. Tull Famly Theater. 418 Walnut St., Sewickley. $8.75-11. thetullfamilytheater.org