John Fetterman recruits reality star to help troll Dr. Oz

click to enlarge John Fetterman recruits reality star to help troll Dr. Oz
A screenshot from Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's Cameo to Mehmet Oz
Pa. Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman's online campaign for the U.S. Senate has largely focused on trolling his opponent Mehmet Oz, known best for his TV appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, with social media memes. Now, Fetterman has enlisted another former TV personality to help ridicule the Republican nominee.

On July 14, Fetterman tweeted a video of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, a star on MTV reality show Jersey Shore, from Cameo, a website that lets customers purchase personalized videos from celebrities.
In the video, Snooki introduces herself as "a hot mess on a reality show, basically" and says, "I heard that you moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to look for a new job," referring to Oz moving to the commonwealth to run for the U.S. Senate.

Fetterman tweeted the video to his 528,000 followers, posting, "Hey @DrOz πŸ‘‹ JERSEY loves you + will not forget you!!! πŸ₯°"

In the 47-second video, Snooki jokes that she doesn't know why anyone would want to leave New Jersey "because it's the best ever," and ends the video, hinting that Oz won't be in Pennsylvania long.

"I know you're away from home and you're in a new place, but Jersey will not forget you. I just wanna let you know," she says. "I will not forget you and don't worry because you'll be back in Jersey soon. This is only temporary."

Fetterman's campaign didn't respond to an inquiry on how much they paid for the recording, but a video from Snooki is currently listed on Cameo's site as starting at $300.

"It must be hard for Dr. Oz, trying to live and campaign in a completely new place, so we thought hearing a message from home would cheer him up,” Rebecca Katz, senior advisor for Fetterman for PA wrote in a press release. β€œWe really hope Dr. Oz enjoyed this message from a fellow iconic Garden State celebrity. It’s good to see two New Jerseyans sticking together.”

In less than three hours of Fetterman posting the video, his campaign says it has already been viewed nearly one million times.

In June, Gisele Fetterman told Pittsburgh City Paper that she and her husband, John, have always been hands-on when it comes to interacting with voters during elections.