Allegheny Health Department to resume handling COVID-19 calls

The Allegheny County Health Department announced that they will once again be handling COVID-19 calls after partnering with PA 2-1-1 Southwest since 2020.

Starting Fri., July 1, Allegheny County residents can now call the health department at 412-687-ACHD if they’re seeking information related to COVID-19 testing sites, vaccine access, and other pandemic-related topics.

“PA 2-1-1 Southwest has been invaluable to both county residents and the health department,” explains ACHD Director Debra Bogen in a press release. “A lot of times, especially during case surges, residents did not know what to do or where to go for resources. The United Way filled that void and provided crucial, accurate, and supportive information.”

The health department phones are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and calls made after those times or on the weekend will be provided to staff to return on the next business day.

Since September 2020, COVID-19 information calls were handled by PA 2-1-1 which gave the Allegheny Health Department ample time to respond to the health crisis.

But according to ACHD, since the waning of the Omicron variant case surge, the amount of daily calls has decreased to less than 10, which is a manageable amount for them. Most calls at this stage in the pandemic fall under the categories of homebound residents in need of vaccine access, testing locations, quarantine and isolation protocol, and vaccine sites.

If a homebound county resident needs a COVID-19 vaccine, they can set up an appointment by calling the county’s immunization clinic at 412-578-8062.

More information on COVID-19 can also be found on the health department website at, including the location of testing and vaccination sites.