Gainey calls on state legislators to combat gun violence

click to enlarge Gainey calls on state legislators to combat gun violence
Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey speaks during a live-streamed June 27 press conference
Following a string of mass shootings that have shaken the nation this year, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey is urging state lawmakers to take action on gun reform.

During a June 27 press conference, Gainey joined a slate of community leaders to press for change at the state level.

“We are begging our legislators in Harrisburg, to give us the right to fight for the life of our children,” said Gainey.

After mass shootings in New York, Texas and even in Pittsburgh, there has been a nationwide outcry for stronger gun control laws in the U.S. When, last month, a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas resulted in the deaths of 19 children, Congress began working on a bipartisan gun safety bill, which eventually passed both the U.S. House and Senate.

President Joe Biden on Saturday signed the bill into law, making it the first major piece of gun safety legislation to pass Congress in almost 30 years.

Mayor Ed Gainey also recently introduced his very own proposal that he calls his “Plan for Peace,” that aims to reduce violence across the city.

The plan is composed of several initiatives that are meant to bring collective improvements to safety throughout the city.

But Gainey says to bring wider-reaching change, local officials will also need the help of those in the state legislature.

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker and Raquel Forsythe, director of trauma at UPMC Presbyterian, were some community members from the Pittsburgh area that echoed Gainey's message.