Top CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best CBD Tincture Brands

A beginner's guide to CBD tincture oil and where to buy CBD oil in Pennsylvania

As a resident in Pennsylvania, you know that there are a lot of rivalries within the state. It is the Steelers vs. the Eagles. It is the Pirates vs the Phillies. While we might be hopelessly divided in the sports world, there is one thing that all of us in Pennsylvania can agree upon, and that is the positive CBD oil benefits.
One of the best advantages of these hemp-based products is taking CBD oil for stress. Regular users of CBD infused oil like to report how their stress levels have decreased. They are able to take everything down a notch or two. That is really helpful when you are navigating the halls of your office building and co-worker Jill won’t let you pass every day without her two-minute banter about how bad the morning traffic was or the weather for the rest of the week.
One of my newest online store finds is the listings for CBD oil for dogs. Knowing how much this has helped my daily life, I am so excited to be able to bring those benefits to my best friend now. With this article I hope that you will be able to discover the best CBD oil on today’s market.

1. Just CBD Tinctures

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online
Cost: Starting at $9.99 for 50 mg CBD 30 ml bottle
Pros: Many different options for size
Cons: Each one tastes better than the next one
Known for providing the top CBD Gummies for sleep, JustCBD also carries extremely potent tincture oil that many have suggested just might be the best CBD oil for sale.
For over five years now, Just CBD has been delivering the best cannabidiol items available and that includes a solid line of CBD oil tincture. The current line up of CBD oils includes three separate products, full spectrum CBD tincture, CBD oil tincture coconut and CBD oil tincture hemp seed. Coconut hemp oil is available in eight different sizes of CBD mg in each bottle. The sizes for the 30ml bottle include 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 550mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. The 3000mg and 5000mg bottles are 60ml each. The CBD oil tincture hemp seed has the same size options which includes a 1ml dropper. The dropper allows you to pick the exact dosage that you want each time you consume their premium hemp oil. If you are looking for other CBD items, they have one of the widest selections of CBD online products.
Top CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best CBD Tincture Brands
Just CBD

2. Tweedle Farms CBD Oil Tinctures

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online
Cost: starting at $15 for 250mg CBD bottle
Pros: Offers pre rolled hemp joints and hemp buds
Cons: Website not very user friendly
Tweedle Farms is based in Northwest Oregon. They are a family-owned hemp farm that specializes in farm to table hemp products. One of their most popular selling items is their CBD-infused oil. They offer eight different types of CBD tincture oil that includes: full spectrum CBD oil, CBD:CBG oil, pure CBD in MCT oil and furry friends pet CBD oil that is good for both dogs and cats. Each of these items are available to purchase online at various sizes.
Looking through the rest of their store they are one of the few CBD online outlets that sells pre-rolled joints, and small buds in a plethora of choices. If you are new to the CBD world I would keep to the more basic hemp oil or gummy items.
Top CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best CBD Tincture Brands

3. Blue Sky CBD Manufactured: United States

Lab Certificates: Available online
Cost: $125 per 30mL
Pros: Limited selection of products
Cons: High prices
This Colorado based store is very proud to speak about their Colorado home and they center the product line to fit the consumer who is interested in exercise and adventure. They base items on the therapeutic potential and have many testimonials from returning shoppers telling of exciting CBD adventures.
The original oil is also known as Zero THC CBD oil, and it comes packed with 3000mg of oil tincture made from CBD isolate and coconut oil. CBD isolate means that only the CBD extract was used and not of any of the other parts of the hemp plant.
Blue Sky’s also offers Zero THC CBD oil +CBG which is a max relief oil. This oil combines 3400mg of CBD with 1700 mg of CBG which is also called “mother of all cannabinoids.” Blue Sky’s third offering is a strong version of CBD oil for sleep. The 30mL bottle contains 1200 mg of CBD mixed with 1200mg of CBN. They claim it might be the most potent cannabis based sleep formula anywhere.
Top CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best CBD Tincture Brands
blue sky

4. Evn CBD Oil

Manufactured: United States
Lab Certificates: Available online
Cost: $55 per 30mL Pros: Athlete endorsements
Cons: Only two flavors of oils
The New York City based Evn has all of the glitz and style of Madison Ave, while searching through their online store. Less seems to be more. They claim that the all natural, high quality CBD tincture oil selection is enjoyed by both parents and professional athletes. They offer two different CBD Oil online. Each bottle is available in 500mg and 1000mg of CBD per bottle. It also comes in two different flavors, natural and mint.
Top CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best CBD Tincture Brands

5. AndOtherBrands CBD Store

One of the best resources for all things CBD is the AndOtherBrands website. While it is beneficial for anybody who is starting to learn about the world of CBD, it is just as good if you are an expert like myself. With all of the research that I have conducted over the past several years I find myself always coming back to AndOtherBrands. This site has the best tools to compare a variety of CBD items. You can literally check them out side by side.
Plus, the site has their own researchers who write various CBD Education articles such as CBD and Heart Disease: Can it Help? Or CBD Oil For Diabetic Neuropathy (Is It Effective?) When you are looking to add a new product or two to your daily routine, I highly suggest you visit AndOtherBrands before making that purchase. They combine the best of your searches compared to other users and their suggestions and sales.
Top CBD Oil in Pennsylvania - 5 Best CBD Tincture Brands

Now that you have had a chance to click through some of my favorite links, what is your go to CBD store of choice? I have put together a group of the most frequently asked questions and answers surrounding CBD products and why you should add it to your daily routine right now.


Where can I buy CBD oil in Pennsylvania?
When driving around Pittsburgh it seems like every corner has a CBD or vape shop. It might be easy to just think to yourself where can I get CBD oil near me. However, my biggest concern about buying in stores is where did these products come from? That is the exact reason why I always suggest purchasing your CBD online from a reputable website. How do you know what site is better than the other? Director of Research & Development, Jose J. Ortiz, at Highroller Private Labels, a manufacturer of CBD products advises potential customers to always look for a third-party lab report when you are shopping for CBD items. A quality company will have an unrelated lab analyze the products they sell to guarantee the quality and authenticity of their products. Beyond the lab report I always take a look at the return policy. I know that the company I am purchasing from will stand behind their product.

What does CBD oil taste like?
If you were to taste pure CBD oil at your local Philadelphia vape store you would not like it too much as it tastes a little bitter. That is the exact reason why so many companies like to add a little flavoring to the oil. There are many fun and tasty flavors that I have seen such as coconut, berry, orange blossom or even mint chocolate. You can make it your mission to maybe try a new flavor each week until you settle on the best one. I like to mix up my flavors during the week. For example, Sunday is orange, while Wednesday is lemon twist. You can find your best system to keep the flavors fresh and fun.

What is the best way to take CBD oil for anxiety?
The great thing about using CBD oil is how easy it is to measure and consume it. Each bottle of CBD oil comes with a dropper built in. All you need to do is to squeeze the dropper to fill it with oil and place it into your mouth. For fast results you should try to keep the liquid under your tongue for thirty to sixty seconds so it will be absorbed into your bloodstream. If you are in a hurry, you can also just swallow the oil. One of the most fun ways to enjoy CBD oil is by adding it to your favorite beverage or even mixing it into foods or even baked goods. Now, that is a food additive that we all can get behind. No matter what your preference is in taking the CBD oil, you will be feeling the effects of it soon enough.

How long will CBD oil work?
When you take the CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) you can possibly start to feel the effects within minutes. If you ingest it with food or beverage it can take twenty to forty minutes to start benefiting. The rate of your metabolism and the method of ingestion will be the biggest factors to determine how long you will feel the benefits. You can expect to be pain free for anywhere from two to eight hours. If you are worried about the CBD showing up in a urine or blood test, have no fear. You only have to watch out for the THC oil level and that is only found in the full spectrum oil and usually it will only show as trace amounts.

Will CBD oil help my stress and pain?
There have been many people that have claimed to have a reduced stress level after taking their CBD oil. The properties in the oil are able to tell your body to just take it down a level or two. It has a nice mellowing effect. Another of the benefits is the anti-inflammatory properties that reside in the hemp. By lowering your inflammation, you will be aiding your body into more pain free days. Plus, CBD oil is not habit forming so it is much safer for you to take to get relief.

Is CBD Oil safe to take every day?
The quick and easy answer is yes, CBD oil is safe to take daily. As with everything in life I would like to stress to take everything in moderation. It is actually recommended that you do take the supplement daily. As Dr. Dimitri Novitzky suggests “By adding anything that is beneficial to your body into a regular routine you are going to get the best possible boost for your body. When it becomes so regular you won't even need to think about it anymore.” A regular dosage for CBD oil is 2-3 times a day based on an average user. Every person is different, and each does react in their own way so a 150lb man will usually require less mg of CBD then a 250 lb man to feel the benefits of the hemp.

Are all CBD oils made the same?
You know the old saying “You get what you pay for?” Well, that is true for the Pennsylvania CBD store that you buy from online. Anthony M. Cianfrani, a quality control manager for hemp-based products explains “a quality product is made through all of the efforts of Good Manufacturing Practices which shows documentation of each step of that particular product. You need systems and procedures to make the best quality products.” When you find a site that is so much cheaper than the rest, it might be good to question how they are able to charge that price. They might be skimping on the quality of their items.