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Safely get rid of household chemicals at drive-thru collection

The Pennsylvania Resources Council is launching its 2022 household chemical collection campaign by hosting a drive-thru event at PPG Paints Arena to provide Pennsylvania residents with an opportunity to safely dispose of household cleaners, automotive fluids, paints, pesticides, and other products containing potentially hazardous components.

This first PRC household chemical collection of 2022 will take place from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Sat., April 16 at PPG Paints Arena’s surface parking lots in Pittsburgh.

“It’s important to divert household chemicals from landfills since many contain toxic elements that can leach into our waterways or introduce dangerous toxic materials into our environment,” according to PRC Executive Director Darren Spielman. “This year marks PRC’s 20th season of hosting household chemical collection events, and we’re proud to report that we’ve facilitated the safe management of six million pounds of household chemicals collected at more than one hundred events.”

At the April 16 event, a $20 fee will cover the cost of disposing of up to 10 gallons/50 pounds of aerosol cans, automotive fluids, chemistry sets, electronic cigarettes, gasoline and kerosene, household cleaners, mercury thermometers, paint products, pesticides/garden chemicals, photo chemicals, and pool chemicals.

Loads exceeding 10 gallons/50 pounds will be subject to additional fees at the discretion of the on-site staff.

PRC says that when preparing to attend this drive-thru event, participants should pack all materials in their car trunks or truck beds and then stay in their vehicles while the contractor unloads the materials. The certified contractor will process the hazardous wastes for proper disposal, and materials may be recycled, incinerated, or safely buried in special landfills.

Participants must register in advance here: Household Chemical Collection Event