Pittsburgh to resume ticketing for street sweeping | Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh to resume ticketing for street sweeping

Beginning Fri., April 1, the Department of Public Works will resume enforcing street sweeping-related parking infractions in the city of Pittsburgh.

For the last two spring seasons, the city has chosen not to enforce street sweeping-related parking rules that require cars parked in residential areas to vacate a certain side of the street on a given day each month to make room for DPW cleaning vehicles.

According to DPW, this enforcement abatement was “due to the pandemic and a large number of individuals working from home,” and “after a two-year hiatus, enforcement will recommence” in April.

“The city was happy to make street sweeping parking enforcement accommodations for residents during the early part of the pandemic, when people were mostly at home,” Acting Director of the Department of Public Works Chris Hornstein explains. “But as a result of increased parked vehicles, crews were less able to effectively clean the streets. Consequently, we saw a rise in litter in streets as well as debris and waste entering our storm water system.”

The resumed enforcement will allow crews to perform a more thorough cleaning. “Not only does this have positive impacts for our storm water system, but it also leaves Pittsburgh streets cleaner for residents,” Hornstein adds.

Street sweepers operate every day of the week, with neighborhoods focused on Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, sweepers are typically assigned to the main corridors and business districts. Posted signs in each neighborhood list which days street cleaning is performed.

Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works will coordinate with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority for the enforcement component of the street sweeping campaign.

The street sweeping season runs from April 1-Nov. 30.