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Song Spotlight: "DMX" by Grizz

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Photo by Robert Waters
Elijah "Grizz" Ash
Grizz, aka Elijah Ash, is starting his solo career in music, and his new single “DMX” is a bold entry into the scene. “DMX” has a simple and classic beat, but the real star is Grizz’s flow. The tone of his voice reminds me of Kendrick and his wordplay is easily matched with rappers that have been in the game for longer than him. For this to be the start of his solo career is very impressive. At times in the song, you can hear DMX’s influence as Grizz adopts a growl and a rasp in his voice.

“DMX” serves as the first single from a forthcoming 13-track collection called ifuckingloveyou. Grizz plans to release a song every month over the next year.

The local hip-hop scene in Pittsburgh is full of exceptional talent, and I have no doubt Grizz, a 23-year-old writer born and raised here in Pittsburgh, will rise in the genre in no time.

You can hear the ambition and the drive "DMX." The way Grizz switches up his flow from verse to verse and flexes his muscle, all while paying homage to the recently passed DMX, makes for a heady listening experience.

“Like who knew when I was lifting the block, could get you stuck
But uh… now I just move with ease. I’m just a
Chip off the block bringing chips to the block
My stock skyrocket; thinking moon for the drop
Who knew when I thickened the pot it would thicken the plot.”

Grizz says that the inspiration to get into the music industry came after watching the Def Jam Survival of the Illest Tour Tape. He says DMX’s set was different than the others he saw.

“The unmatched electricity DMX graced the stage with inspired my entire career. I truly visualized the tone, image, and overall aura I wanted to embody," says Grizz. "I envisioned myself on that stage, as my brothers and I watched that tour video over and over. DMX’s passing broke my heart in ways only God knows. It felt like family had passed because that's truly what he was,”

“DMX” is now available on all streaming platforms.