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Popular Squirrel Hill beer bar starts new brewery in Homestead

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Beer and dinner at Independent Brewing Company
Independent Brewing Company is a staple of Pittsburgh’s drinking scene and arguably one of the best beer bars in the city. It’s known for offering a wide array of brews from the region’s craft breweries and maintains a strong focus on serving fresh, Pittsburgh-made beer.

And now, the Squirrel Hill bar is making its own beer and has expanded into a brewery called Golden Age Beer Company. According to an email sent to its followers, the new brewery is located in Homestead in the space that used to be occupied by Enix Brewing. And Golden Age Beer Company will be reopening in that space soon, according to the email.

“Golden Age is located in Homestead, a community whose resilience and rebirth we have admired for years from just across the Monongahela River, and a community that we hope to join and support by creating jobs, opening an inclusive and accessible space, and maintaining and repurposing a beautiful historic property,” reads the email from Independent Brewing Company.

Golden Age will be focused on brewing lagers. Independent Brewing says it believes this is the future where craft beer is heading, but also wants to focus on lagers to honor Homestead’s brewing history. The email mentions how the brewers in 1892 stood in solidarity with striking workers in the Battle of Homestead.

“We want to bring a brewery that makes lager its primary focus to Pittsburgh and more particularly, to Homestead,” reads the email. “Indeed, we believe that to do anything else would be an injustice to this community’s hard-working, steely heritage and resolve.”

The new space will be opening soon after renovations are completed, and before that, Golden Age will be hosting beer lovers outside in the adjoining beer garden on a pop-up basis. Head Brewer Aaron Dahl, who joined the team in August, is overseeing the transition. Expect a line-up of crisp lagers, and also a Pale Ale or IPA on tap. The new Golden Age space also has a full liquor license and will have a full bar and a wine list.

For those interested in trying Golden Age’s beer before the Homestead location opens, Independent Brewing will be serving the new brewery's beers — in addition to their normal line-up of Roundabout, Old Thunder, Grist House, East End, Dancing Gnome, Cinderlands, Brew Gentlemen, and others.

On Thu., Nov. 4, Independent Brewing will also be tapping Golden Age’s first beer, the Golden Age Pale Ale, for customers to try. The tapping will serve as a “thank you” for those who supporting the beer bar throughout the pandemic.

More details will be announced on Golden Age Brewing's social media this week.

Independent Brewing Company: 1704 Shady Ave., Squirrel Hill. independentpgh.com