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Song Spotlight: "OMW" by KELS

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Photo courtesy of KELS

Pittsburgh artist KELS has released a new single, "OMW" (an acronym for "on my way"), and the song is the perfect showcase for her sultry vocals, honed by her background in jazz training. The influence of jazz greats is palpable in her performance, and will surely give listeners something a little different to enjoy.

"OMW" is a song about KELS glowing up, evident in the lyrics below:

“I can’t tell you what I know but
If you see me laying low
It's probably cuz I’m bout to explode
You never know

I’m on my way
Yeah I’m on my way
I’m on my way
Believe me when I say”

The origins of the song are surprising, KELS found the beat for the tune on TikTok:

"I heard this beat from a producer on Tik Tok, Josh With The Soul, and immediately felt a connection to the music. I started writing as soon as I heard the mesmerizing piano, ambient sounds of what seem like gears on a clock, and the deep infectious beat. I made a duet and freestyled a verse to the beat," she says. "I ended up speaking with the producer and he loved the idea of me releasing the entire track with my own melody and lyrics over it. I wrote about my journey as an independent artist. I wanted to remind people with the chorus that it's important to speak things into existence- "I'm on my way," literally means for me that I am putting in the work to spread my music and that I am seeing the benefits of all of my hard work in motion. "

Since we last covered her single “No Lie” back in April, Kels has really bloomed, performing all across Pittsburgh and amassing fans. She even recently released music videos for "OMW" and "No Lie." The former, directed and edited by Casey Harewood and CHP Studios, finds the singer/songwriter playfully romping through the city, primarily Downtown. Watch the new video below:

"OMW" is available for streaming on all platforms. You can also listen via a Spotify link below: