Best of Pittsburgh Readers' Poll 2021 | Pittsburgh City Paper

Best of Pittsburgh Readers' Poll 2021

Remember that pure joy of finally seeing your name as the high score on an arcade screen? Hours, sometimes even days of pumping fistfuls of quarters into your favorite video game in the local arcade to get to the top ... Pittsburgh City Paper's Best of Pittsburgh readers' poll recreates that feeling for hundreds of winners across the region who anxiously await the results for months, first competing in a readers-submitted nomination round, and then battling it out in the final voting round between the top 10 finalists.

And this year's competition was fierce, with over 610,000 votes cast. You'll see lots of multi-time winners among the Best of Pittsburgh winners' list this year, like beloved TV personality Rick Sebak, Pittsburgh Dad, and, yes, Primanti Bros. But you'll also see new winners too, and we've highlighted some of our favorite readers’ choices with short stories placed throughout this issue. And this year, we're also celebrating the winners at an in-person party next week at Coop de Ville, the venue readers chose as Best New Bar and Best Bar to Play Games. Join us next Tue., Oct. 5, and let's get your name on one of their arcade games! For more info, visit (Vaccination cards or a negative COVID test is required to attend.)