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5 Questions with Jami Morgan of Code Orange

5 Questions with Jami Morgan of Code Orange
Photo: Tim Saccenti
Code Orange has made its hometown of Pittsburgh proud, continuously delivering its own brand of hardcore punk to fans with Grammy-nominated albums. Now the band returns to live touring, and will belatedly celebrate the March 2020 release of its album Underneath, which has been lauded by the Guardian as a "thrilling new form of molten metal."

Pittsburgh City Paper reached out to Code Orange drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan for a 5 Question Q&A ahead of the band's first stop on their Return of the Kings Tour at the Roxian Theatre on Fri., Sept. 24.

1. Is this the first stop on tour, and where are you most looking forward to playing?
Yes, this is day one. And not only that it is our first show in a few years at this point, at the same venue we were forced to do our Last Ones Left empty venue livestream last March. It feels pretty serendipitous. I would say it is also where we most look forward to playing. It’s a big moment, and we are built for those.

2. What have you missed most about touring?
Just playing for people and feeling the energy of real human beings. All other aspects of touring are mostly miserable after a while. We just need to get up on stage. It’s the band's lifeblood.

3. What is your favorite thing to do in Pittsburgh?
Hard to say. We are all very proud to be from Pittsburgh. We’ve lived here our whole lives so, nothing in particular. We all train Jiu-jitsu at True Believer Jiu Jitsu and we all really enjoy it. Come try a class.

4. How is your latest album different from previous albums?
Our last album Underneath is in many ways the culmination of an idea that started on I Am King and continued to grow on Forever. It is the monster in the mirror, It is the voice in the back of your mind. It is the anxiety pit in your stomach. It is the blue light burning your eyeballs. We are a work in progress that continues to grow and evolve, but if someone was to ask me what Code Orange is in this moment I would tell them it is Underneath.

5. What did you miss about playing live?
I think I covered it above. The energy. The love. The hate. The physical pain. The mental toll. The truest reality. Something that you can touch and feel.
Code Orange - Return of the Kings Tour. 5 p.m. Fri., Sept. 24. Roxian Theatre.
425 Chartiers Ave., McKees Rocks. $26-45. roxiantheatre.com