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Song Spotlight: "Half My Fault" by Ghost Hounds

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Photo: Jay Arcansalin
Ghost Hounds
If you’re looking for a high-energy, bluesy bop, look no further than Ghost Hounds' new track “Half My Fault.” The song comes off their sophomore album A Little Calamity released on Sept. 3.

“Half My Fault” is everything that’s good about blues: brooding lyrics, soulful vocals, and sharp instrumentation. The piano perfectly accents the chorus of the song and blends well with the deep, resonant voice of the lead singer.

Ghost Hounds consists of Tre’ Nation on vocals, guitarists Johnny Baab and Thomas Tull, bassist Bennett Miller, drummer Blaise Lanzetta, and Joe Munroe on keyboards. Tull and producer Kevin Bowe wrote the song together, and the lyrics tell a classic blues story of losing someone you love and being the reason they left.

“I pull the bottle down off the shelf
Because that whiskey ain't drinkin' itself
Don't want no pity from no one else
'Cause there's only one person who can help, yeah

But she's all gone and it's half my fault
Yeah, she's all gone and it's half my fault”

“Half My Fault” is the kind of song that you can party to, or sit and be reflective with a drink. The guitar solo toward the end of the song is high octane and frenetic. When the background vocals kick back in, you feel ready as a listener.

The song is balanced and well-rounded, but not in a way that makes it predictable or boring. It's seriously a fun song to listen to and sing along to.

A Little Calamity is available for streaming on whatever platform you listen on.